Stalking leftovers

It’s about time! I’ve been stalking but not sharing and it has to end. Some of the properties have even sold during the time I’ve had them bookmarked. As you know I am fussy, particular, choosy, picky and hard to please. Not quite right, bad photos, more photos please, house is amazing furniture is deplorable , can’t quite put my finger on it listings but all with something that has me nodding “yes”. It’s a bumper offering this week. There is an interior designer’s house, a house on Sydney harbour with great bones but the furniture must die (tell me which one you think that one is), a church conversion and a warehouse with just a piano and red roses. Not quite but it may as well be. Speaking of empty buildings I’ve included a country post office because of the potential. OMG what I could do if I had the money! Click on the images to head to the listings. All via