Sometimes things come up in life, like starting a job in another state or finding your dream home, which means making your home sell fast is a must.  Here are a few proven tips to have buyers in a frenzy for your home.

Bigger is Better

Walls that are painted from a light color palette will open up the room making the ceiling look higher.   Even small windows can become a big focal point. If the window treatment that are up block the window, whether it is covering the top of the window or the sides, it should be changed.  Hang the treatment above the top of the window, so that if you use a valance the bottom of the valance does not cover the top of the window. This will make the window seem much taller. For the sides of the window, extend the rod, so that the window is not covered by the treatments that are hanging. This is done to make the window appear wider.

Less is More

To make a room appear larger you will want to de-clutter. You may love all of the trinkets that you have collected over the years, but buyers will not.  Remove objects from the room that are sentimental to you. Stick with just the basics. You want potential buyers to look at the entire room, not focus on the vase that your grandmother gave you (even though it is beautiful). It’s a good idea to leave a few up-to-date furnishings in the house. 

Cleanliness is Key

You may have a beautiful home, but if it is dirty that is all the buyer will see. Grab the scrub brush and head to the bathroom. Scrub away the soap scum from the shower and tub. Polish all of the hardware. Remember the mirror, it’s often neglected. You want buyers focused on how great the room is, not what has happened there. 

Organize Everything

Buyers are going to want to see everything, yes, even the closets. An organized closet or cabinet will make it appear larger. Buyers want to be reminded that they will have enough room for all of their clothes. For the cabinets, there are many cabinet organizers on the market. Choose an organizer that will fit the space and functionally of the cabinet. Oh, that shoe closet, yuck! Add an air freshener, so that buyers are in awe of the space not the smell.

Staging a home to sell quickly may feel like a daunting task. Take it one step at a time and remember that it will pay off. If you feel overwhelmed, consider finding companies that buy houses for cash. Those buyers may be more interested in the bones of the house and not the décor.

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