This lovely family home is set in Madrid, Spain and was designed by the architects at Egue y Seta in 2015. The residence is not particularly large, although it does include a variety of spaces, each with its own particularities and design characteristics. The interior functions are organized roughly into three volumes.

The social and the private spaces are well organized, each with its own special features
The furnishings are simple and they combine modern and traditional design elements
The hybrid styles employed throughout the home is elegant and very inviting

In the living room, a tufted leather sofa sits with its back on the bookcase, framing the lounge space together with a two-seater casual sofa and an armchair. They’re all linked by a Catania wool rug and at the center of the lounge area there’s a pair of coffee tables. One of them has a wire basket base while the other features a tray top.

A large area rug frames the lounge space, with the sofa, armchairs and everything else
The residence has high ceilings which are emphasized in a variety of ways
Skylights are nice spread throughout the spaces, bringing in more natural light

Another area rug frames the dining table which has a wonderful and unique design. The table was taken from a 19th century French farmhouse and has that wonderful reclaimed look with rugged features that show the passage of time and the patina.

The staircase corridor is also a cozy lounge space
The kitchen and the dining area share the same open space
To make this area look bright and open, the designers used built-in furnishings and white elements
The upper cabinets in the kitchen have glass fronts and white frames

The kitchen is open and shares the space with its own dining table, this time with a simpler design. Classical wooden chairs are spread around it. The kitchen itself occupy one side of the space with white cabinets and built-in amenities. The upper portion of the wall is covered with wall-mounted cabinets with white frames and glass fronts. They go all the way up to the ceiling.

The suspended mezzanine level is great for casual reading
Skylights and low-hanging pendant lamps adorn the staircase
The lighting fixtures are important in the overall aspect and ambiance of the residence

A lovely staircase offers access to the upper level where the private rooms are situated. A set of Aim pendant lamps hang above the stairs, creating a dramatic look. A graphical Wireflow pendant is attached to the ceiling, right next to one of the skylights.

The bedrooms have skylights too. This makes the space look bright despite the reduced size
The furniture is well-proportioned to the available space, allowing it to remain airy
An arched window adds a bohemian touch to the bedroom’s overall decor

The master bedroom is a bright and cozy space, with a small arched window, white walls and a sloped ceiling which doesn’t make it seem small at all. The furniture is kept simple and space-efficient and this includes the nightstands and a slender console table that rests against the wall.

The suite’s bathroom is just as bright and welcoming
All the bathrooms feature neutral and simple color tones and well-organized layouts
The round mirror is a beautiful addition to the space, contrasting with the rectangular vanity
A glass walk-in shower occupies the corner, maintaining a transparent and simple design
The kids share a bedroom suite with bunk beds and a sloped ceiling on the top floor

A bunk bed was built for the kids’ bedroom. It has a simple wooden frame, a ladder that offers access to the top bunk and also a pitched roof frame which makes the whole unit look like a tiny house.

This other bathroom has a built-in tub and a wall-mounted sink with a rather unusual design
The rectangular mirror fits nicely between the round-edged sink and the two sconces
The white backdrop brightens up the space and makes it appear larger than it is
The master bedroom’s en-suite has large windows and a double-sink vanity

Each of the bathrooms is stylish and functional in its own way. They have tubs, showers, beautiful and eye-catching vanities, quirky mirrors with funky frames and windows that let the natural light in. One of the bathroom, the smallest of them, is a bit different in the sense that its walls are not but gray, matching the polished concrete floor. The ceiling is white, brightening up the space. A small wooden vanity adds a bit of warmth, contrasting with the cool color tones and finishes. It’s a really harmonious decor.

The freestanding tub and the walk-in shower sit at opposite ends
This is the smallest of the bathrooms and, surprisingly, its walls are gray
Although small, it comfortably accommodates a vanity and a shower

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