cheesecloth ghosts

I love hanging ghosts around the house and in our yard for Halloween. Starch makes these cheesecloth ghosts retain a ghostly shape in such a spooky way. We did some research on how to do it and found a lot of confusing tutorials. Through trial and error thought, we figured out a really simple process for them. Here’s how to make them…

cheesecloth ghosts

Supplies: cardboard boxes, balloons, tape, cheesecloth, liquid starch or Elmer’s glue (about the same cost), a large bowl, rubber gloves, permanent marker, fishing line.

Step 1: Create your figure with boxes, tape and a balloon. You can do any size or height you’d like!

Step 2: Drape the cheesecloth over to find your desired length.

cheesecloth ghosts

Step 3: Dump your bottle of liquid starch (or just Elmer’s glue works well too) into a bowl, add about a cup of water, and mix well.

Step 4: With rubber gloves on, dip your piece of cheesecloth into the bowl until saturated. Squeeze and move the fabric around until evenly dispersed and squeeze out any excess.

cheesecloth ghosts

Step 5: Your cloth will be in a big wad, so gently stretch it back out to its original shape. Drape over the form. Add a little additional liquid starch to the head portion, that will be the most difficult part to maintain its shape afterwards.

Step 6: Add sticks or other objects to hold up end where the arms and legs might be.

cheesecloth ghosts

This one above stretch out to the green bowl ended up with a really nice movement (see below) so definitely pull out a corner or two on each!cheesecloth ghosts

Step 7: Let dry overnight, then pop the balloons and hang with fishing line through the top

cheesecloth ghosts

Voila! Spooky Halloween decor done!

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