Split to Dubrovnik by Bus | Croatia Travel Vlog

Split to Dubrovnik by Bus | Croatia Travel Vlog

Join us as we travel from Split to Dubrovnik by bus as we continue our journey across Croatia. We kick things off with an apartment tour in Split which ended up being our most spacious living space on this entire trip featuring 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 washing machines and a large living room. It was an incredible airbnb apartment with one of the loveliest and most accommodating hosts we’ve had in a long time:

Split Apartment: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/14567900
Discount Code: https://www.airbnb.ca/c/abergner9?s=8

In terms of the bus ride it cost the equivalent of 16 Euros in local Croatian Kuna. The ride itself took 4.5 hours and was one of the most visually stunning bus trips we’ve ever taken. It was more like a sightseeing tour and to be honest I could have kept on going. Upon arriving at our apartment in Dubrovnik we show you the views of the Old Town before saying goodbye.

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Split to Dubrovnik by Bus + Split Apartment Tour | Croatia Travel Vlog Video Transcript:

Good morning good morning. Good morning guys. Someone has had a transformation since the last video. Yeah. From Wolverine to clean cut. I do this about every 2.5 months I’d say. Yeah. How was it going to the barber in Croatia? Oh, it was awesome. These guys were true professionals. Yeah. Like these older gentlemen they wore like white it was almost like lab coats and they took their job seriously. They did a great job like I really like what they did they even put a little bit of cream around the sides and they were using their razors, splashing some alcohol on after. Like these guys knew what they were doing. So you got pampered. Yeah it was a really good price I think it was 5 or 6 Euros or something like that. Oh nice. In local currency it was 40 Kuna. I remember now. Anyways today is a travel day. We haven’t didn’t spend much time in Split. We only had 4 nights here. Mmmhmm. Um and so we’re moving on to Dubrovnik. Mmmhmm. Really excited about that. This is the one city in Croatia that we really really want to visit. Yeah. Everyone raves about it. Everyone raves about it. We’ve been watching a couple of videos on it and it just looks absolutely stunning. So we’re really excited to be going there today. And yeah we’re taking a bus. But anyways before we do that let’s give you a tour of our apartment. Yep. So as you know we’re traveling with my parents. My Mom and Dad and also Val.

So we got this was our coolest apartment so far. We got three bedrooms that had 3 bathrooms. What a luxury. Yeah we each had our own bathroom. Like my parents had their own bathroom, we did and Val had her own bathroom.

Alright Audrey and Pumpy. We are about to say fare thee well to Split. What did you guys think of this place?

Uh beautiful little coastal town. Yeah. Great for sailors, great for walkers, great for cyclists.

And in the summertime probably great for beaches as well. Yeah. This time of year it was just perfect for us because we were leaving cold Italy. Yeah. And uh leaving it behind. It was when we left Venice we were escaping the Beast from the East in terms of weather and we came here and it was at least like 14 or 15 degrees warmer.

What did you think Audrey? I really enjoyed it. I’m still thinking about that burger with the truffle mayo. Yeah. That was the highlight right there. And we also had that great seafood meal as well with fish. So it is a great launching point. It is also not too far to Dubrovnik. We only have a four and a half hour bus ride. And do you remember the price of those tickets?

16 Euros each. Oh yeah. Because we asked everyone for money. It came to 16 Euros I forget the price in Kuna but yeah it literally came to 16 Euros per person. The two days that we have in Dubrovnik are scheduled to be sunny. Tomorrow and the next day so yeah we’ll make the most of those. Really looking forward to it. They say Dubrovnik is the jewel of Croatia the pearl of the adriatic.

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

Music by Joakim Karud: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud