With so many things to focus on, there’s no shortage of kitchen decor ideas. There’s a lot to plan and a lot to consider before finally being happy with the way a kitchen looks. We often find ourselves stuck, unable to decide between a marble countertop and one made of wood. Everything has to be in sync even if you choose to mix and match different styles, materials, finishes or colors.

You never know where inspiration could come from so keep an open mind and don’t rule out any kitchen decorating ideas until you at least give them a chance. Maybe you’ve never been a fan of something but it looks good in the design scenario that you came up with. For example, glass door kitchen cabinets are a bit pretentious and not as popular as they used to be and that makes them that much more interesting in certain cases.

The colors and finishes are combined here in a simple but elegant way
The glass cabinet door inserts allow a peak inside, putting the contents on display

Designed for those homes that can’t distance themselves from the traditional design ideology but want to look clean and a bit modern, the Motra collection by Christopher Peacock combines iconic features such as glass front cabinets, marble counters and solid wood surfaces.

Ceiling-mounted shelves are very useful and practical in kitchens, especially small ones
The shelves can be installed above the island and used for storage
You can add a glass or bottle rack above the kitchen island so it can double as a bar
Marble in the kitchen creates a refined and luxurious look
The little details have a big impact on the overall design so don’t overlook them
Modern kitchens are easy to pair with industrial features for a factory-like look

Factory Kitchen Design.

Play with contrasts and combine raw concrete surfaces with smooth and delicate finishes
Wooden countertops can be a good option if you want to add some warmth and texture to the kitchen
When choosing the bar stools, make sure they fit and that they look nice in context
This contemporary kitchen has a design based on contrasts and harmony
The lower cabinetry is designed out of wood with a natural finish that highlights the grain
Black marble has this dramatic look which goes really well with the textured wood
Solid wood countertops and bars are very charming but they also require more maintenance
It’s fun to combine different materials and finishes. Use them to differentiate between different features
Usually the bar extends on only one side of the island. Here it has an L-shape

Apart from the cabinetry, there are lots of other things to think of when planning a kitchen decor. But before you focus on the little things, take a moment to decide which materials you’d like to use. A marble backsplash can look elegant and timeless and you can match it with the counter or you can complement it with a wood countertop bar. Glass is an interesting option for the cabinetry and shelving if you want to create the impression of space and openness.

Kalea Kitchen Design.

Compact kitchens suit small spaces but they can also fit nicely in open areas
Open shelves are always practical in the kitchen, being useful in lots of different ways
Built-in appliances make kitchen look sleek and modern which helps maintain a minimalist look

Storage tends to be the most important thing in a kitchen and it takes a lot of planning to come up with the perfect configuration for your particular needs. You must also figure out a way to integrate other smaller details that aren’t necessarily storage-related. For instance, maybe you could opt for kitchen pocket doors. They’re very practical and sleek and they’re great for small spaces.

Marble is a rich material so don’t use it in excess. Try to alternate between materials
Instead of an island, you can opt for a dining table in the kitchen
Use task lighting to highlight key areas in the kitchen and to create a pleasant ambiance
Use dividers in drawers to keep your utensils organized and to manage space efficiently
Don’t necessarily stay away from dark colors in the kitchen. Just make there’s enough light
Add an unexpected touch of color to the kitchen with colored floor tiles
The kitchen is a space where metallic colors integrate well, creating a chic-industrial look
Think of the kitchen as more than just a purely functional space and give it a bit of glamour
This is an interesting mix of colors, materials and finishes which allows the kitchen to look unique
When there’s a lot of space to work with, you can give your kitchen extra features such as a wine cooler
Neutrals are very versatile and adaptable and they suit modern and contemporary kitchens very well
A foldable bar or table extension can make a kitchen island even more practical than it is

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