Spanish Food Review - Eating Paella Valenciana in Valencia, Spain

Join us for a Spanish food review as we eat Paella Valenciana in Valencia, Spain for lunch. For the four of us we ordered appetizers in the form of tapas which included bread, jamón serrano and patatas bravas. Our mains were a Valencian Paella along with a seafood fideuà. Overall, it was a fantastic meal. Paella is a must try dish if you’re visiting Valencia, Spain and we’d highly recommend this restaurant to try it.

Paella Restaurant in Valencia, Spain information:

Ocho y Medio
Address: Plaça de Lope de Vega, 5, 46001 València, Spain
Hours: Daily 12PM–12AM
Phone: +34 963 92 20 22

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Spanish Food Review – Eating Paella Valenciana in Valencia, Spain Travel Video Transcript:

It is lunchtime here in Valencia, Spain and of course we had to order Paella. This is considered the National Dish of Spain by foreigners but Spaniards will tell you this is more of a regional specialty. We’ve ordered two paellas. The first one is the Valencian one and then we’ve also ordered that is called Fideuà which is a noodle Paella which comes from Alicante. That is going to be coming in 20 minutes. In the meantime we’ve ordered some tapas. We have the Jamón serrano, we also have patatas bravas and we have some loaves of bread fresh out of the oven. This is going to be tasty.

La Paella Valenciana. Oh! Wow! Paella es la grande.

The food is here and we are going to start off with the Valencian Paella (Valenciana). Let’s talk about the ingredients. This one comes with chicken. Rabbit meat. And it also has snails and it has green beans and it has cardo beans and what is this rosemary right here? This looks so good. I’m going to scoop some up. And the rice is cooked in saffron. That gives it its yellow color. And we should also talk about the size of the pan. The waiter was just explaining like this looks massive. It is only for 2 people but what they do is if they have more people eating out of it like 3 or 4 they just keep adding more rice and it will be thicker.

Let’s try this. The meat is crispy and golden. So is the rice. I love it when you get the golden rice like that. That is the best part for sure.

What I find so neat about Paella is that there is so many different kinds you can have from vegetables to seafood to this traditional Valencian one. You can have mixed ones as well. Yeah, there was one with chicken. There was one on the menu that had black squid ink. We were eying that as well.

Next up this is the alternative to Paella. This is Alicante’s version. Yeah. And it is made with noodles. That is right. Fideuà. But before I even talk about this I have to first talk about the Paella now. For the four of us to finish that I give us an A+ because that wasn’t easy. That was a lot of food. And now we’re moving on to round 2. Yes. We have another big big pot full of food to eat. Yeah look at those. I’m just going to use the spoon here. So this one has um prawns. It has cuttlefish, it has a different kind of noodle. Mussels. Oh mussels too. Red peppers. It has got a bit of everything. It smells really good. It has like a very strong fish seafood smell.

Time to tell us the price. We ate so much there is going to be no dinner tonight. That was just a wonderful meal. Just a great place. Really nice service. Great quality. So the meal in total came to 82 Euros. Just over 20 Euros per person. That included 2 really nice appetizers, complimentary bread. A liter of water to share and of course those two main dishes. So that was just outstanding value. We are all so full. We are going to be in full on siesta mode. If you’re visiting here in Valencia, Spain definitely have to try the Paella and Fideuà. And also you should consider coming to this restaurant (Ocho y Medio) too.

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