If you are tired of all the shoes they mess hall, bedroom and living room, invest in functional shoe shelves and my good is a great option. Shoes that are used every day tend to accumulate a lot of sweat and that means they must be stored in a well ventilated to get rid of the odor and bacteria, which is why the shelves of the cabinet best choice.

The storage of shoes come in different styles and models, so find one that will suit all your shoes match your home decor should not be a problem. If you want to space more space for a shoe storage, wall shoe rack might be the best idea for you to adopt. They are perfect for smaller homes where space is limited and buy a shoe rack independent cabinet is not an option. The good news is that nowadays they come in many shapes and style.

If you are looking for some ideas of wall shoe rack, we’d love to help you to find some recommended ideas of wall shoe rack. Here are 11 ideas of wall shoe rack you would love to have. Enjoy!

1. Vertical Wall Metal Shoe Rack in White for 2 Pairs

If you need a vertical wall shoe rack in modern and simple shape and color, this idea might fulfill your need. Capable to store 2 shoes at once, really good for your most used footwear, while the other stored in safe closed place.

Single Wall Metal Shoe Rack in White
Image via www.themetalhouse.co.uk

2. Black Wall Metal Shoe Rack for 3 Pairs

Here is the horizontal version of the previous idea. With black colored metal and fit 3 pairs of shoes, really worth to install for your most used shoes.

Black Wall Metal Shoe Rack for 3 Pairs
Image via www.notonthehighstreet.com

3. Simple Metal Wall Shoe Rack

Or you can try to adopt this idea of simple metal wall shoe rack. Take a look at the picture below to have some inspirations.

Simple Metal Wall Shoe Rack
Image via www.kitchensource.com

4. White Wall Shoe Rack

This white wall shoe rack really good to store more pairs of shoes, as it has a lot of space. It also able to attached of walls and any other vertical surface.

White Wall Shoe Rack
Image via wallmountshoeracks.blogspot.com

5. Modern Wooden Wall Shoe Rack

You can have a modern wall shoe rack by adopting this idea of modern wooden wall shoe rack. By the shape and texture, it can also be one of the most beautiful storage in your house.

Modern Wooden Wall Shoe Rack
Image via mitztakahashi.com

6. Yellow Wall Shoe Rack

But this idea of yellow colored gypsum as wall shoe rack is also beautiful! The uniqueness of the shape and color also make the spot looks catchy for any guest and the family member.

Yellow Wall Shoe Rack
Image via www.beingbrazen.com

7. White Metal Shoe Rack

Make it simple with this idea of white metal shoe rack. If you attach it on a white wall, it will look like you have an invisible shoe rack.

White Metal Shoe Rack
Image via 3d-pictures.picphotos.net

8. Contemporary Metal Wall Shoe Rack

If you want to have a contemporary style for your wall shoe rack you should try to adopt this idea. The curves really make an impressive view for a wall shoe rack.

Contemporary Wall Shoe Rack
Image via www.designisthis.com

9. Dark Wooden Wall Shoe Rack

And wood will never let you down. Look at this idea of dark wooden wall shoe rack and adopt its simplicity as one of your house property.

Wooden Wall Shoe Rack
Image via www.henryrichardson.co.uk

10. Built-in White Wooden Wall Shoe Rack

Never see a built-in wall shoe rack? Yes, it will be very interesting to have one in your house. Take a look at the picture below to have some inspirations about the idea.

Built in White Wooden Wall Shoe Rack
Image via erahomedesign.com

11. Thin Wall Shoe Rack

This idea is really great for a small space. Look at the reference of thin wall shoe rack below and adopt it for your shoe storage.

Thin Wall Shoe Rack
Image via www.smallroomideas.com

Keep all your shoes in one place and save your time with a wall shoe rack. No looking for a lost shoe now!

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