Sophisticated Brooklyn Home

Danielle Colding’s house is the bee’s knees when it comes to modern world-class interior designs. Admittedly, you won’t find a better house that meticulously integrates a plethora of incredible features in a stylish and sophisticated manner anywhere better than this.

Arguably, at the moment, this home appears to be a serious flagship killer. Colding believes that balancing clean, simple sophistication is the strongest weapon for any interior design who wants to stand out. As such, she has managed to create an elegantly modern home in Brooklyn. Let’s see what makes this home second to none;

The living room
Needless to say, the living room of Colding’s house is the center of its glamor. The designer employed a tactical approach to give the living room a distinct look. To set the tone of the space of the living room, she started decorating the room with wallpaper accent walls. I know nobody hates chic wallpaper moments, and Colding’s walls are more than impressing. Colding tells us that he used black wallpaper to achieve a cozy and more proportional room without interfering with the drama of those soaring heights.

Moreover, the black ceiling tops up the best performance. She tried a wallpaper to create a romantic wall full of beautiful blooms on a black backdrop. At the end of the day, this living room emerged to be the best part of her design. She explains how a combination of the black pleated wallpaper and floral wallpaper did the magic. The spaces You would definitely love a home with warmth and personality, and coding just knows that. Although the home had a modern finish, Colding had to go an extra mile to make the spaces livable and comfortable. She added modern lines combined with a few layered styling and decorating choices to make the space look more inviting.

Images: Patrick Cline

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The kitchen
The kitchen is another favorite spot in Colding’s home. It features a modern dynamic space for entertainment. To ensure that the white cabinets in the kitchen do not feel hard-edged or too cold, Colding installed ivory and brass pendants above this kitchen island. As such, she managed to give it warmth effortlessly.

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Master bedroom and the guest room
The master bedroom of Colding’s home boasts a modern and sophisticated look. She implemented a stunning black and white wallpaper accent wall. Also, the brass finishes on the sconces, and the throw pillows give it an attractive look. Colding chose a second wallpaper accent wall behind the bed in the guest room to achieve a watercolor design.

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he bottom line
At the end of the day, Colding’s home is second to none. It is amazing!


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