Sook House is a two-story contemporary residence located in Sateng, Yala, Thailand, designed in 2021 by Install Builder.


The building stands on a large site that surrounding by peaceful environment. The designer’s goal was to create an useful functional for the elderly which is one of the owner’s family member.

A strong timber partition with black stone wall separates interior from exterior. The designer also designed the tiny garden to link it directly to the entrance of the house through the pavement, a combination of concrete and steel railing. The slope of the pavement is made to facilitate the elderly. The owners required multipurpose room for create activities for the elderly, 1 bathroom, 2 restrooms separated between male and female, 2 bedrooms, massage room and prayer room.

On the first floor, mostly are common area divided to living room, multipurpose room and restrooms. The private area is contained in a second floor with excellent mountain view. The master bedroom is located in front of the house facing to the street view and excellent views of the city, separated with another bedroom which is open to the mountain view. The interior space was maximized by the windows, providing light and views. However, since this is bedroom area, the space is fragmented in order to provide greater privacy.

Moving on to the exterior, The designer also designed the roof overhangs quite a lot from the wall, the reason is to reduce sunlight and heat that may enter to the house. This design was very useful for the building especially building that located in tropical country.

Photography courtesy of Install Builder

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