A wedding is a matter of details. The details are what make the difference between an average party, and an unforgettable wedding. The colors, textures, flowers, decoration and entertainment that you choose will be your allies in this, or your worst enemies.

Nothing gives you better expectations for a dream wedding, than the invitations, that’s why we bring you a couple of suggestions, so you can be inspired and choose the invitations that best suit your way of being and the theme you have chosen for your wedding.

It was never so original to invite everyone with a plane ticket like this. Are you all prepared? Quick, we’re going to embark for your wedding!


Boda Style

Are we going far away? Prepare your passports!” Vintage wedding invitation for those who like to run adventures without stopping


Boda Style

“Climb all to the van, we’re going to get married! With this vintage wedding invitation, you’ll surprise all your guests.


Boda Style

What about this Family Wedding Invitation with rectangular shape and designed in light colors that when stretching the right part of it, shows the whole family.


Boda Style

What do you thing about a World Map Wedding Invitation? In this original wedding invitation on the outside there are some written love phrases. The inner text is fully customizable. It is a notepad style card, gives the feeling that the text has been written by hand by the type of font used for the text.



Boda Style

Do you like kraft? A Wedding Invitation in kraft tones with photos of the bride and groom in the style of the photo booth, add some text of the wedding and two smaller labels for the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding, all this, together with a cord, what do you think?


Boda Style

Are you a fan of “Polaroid”? A “Polaroid Camera” Wedding Invitation is all you need. When you pull the cord from the top of the invitation, a picture of you and the text of the link will appear. With this invitation you are sure to surprise your guests.


Boda Style

Finally we have this incredible proposal for Disney lovers, this invitation will not go unnoticed. Your guests have a puzzle piece for when a wedding is done. Mickey and Minnie make a nice heart.


Boda Style


You can find all these invitations and more in Boda Style, we hope you like it as much or more than we do.


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