It’s been a few years since the shipping container home trend started and since then architects and designers found new ways to taking advantage of this concept and of using reclaimed containers in a variety of projects. One particularly interesting branch is that of shipping container hotels. Such hotels offer the perfect opportunity to experience how living in a container home would be like before you actually go looking for container for sale. There are a few notable hotels of this kind around the world and we’ll have a look at some right now.

The Flophouze hotel is located in Texas and was created specifically so guests can experience for themselves how it’s like to actually live in a house made out of repurposed shipping containers before they buy one. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in one of six shipping containers, each consisting of a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom with access to common fire pits, hammocks and charging stations for electrical vehicles. Those interested in buying a shipping container home afterwards can then choose to use the hotel’s turn key service which lets them design and build one.

The ContainHotel, named this way because it’s made out of shipping containers, was designed by Artikul Architects and is meant to be easily movable and seasonal. Its first location was on a site alongside the Elbe riverbank in Treboutice, Czech Republic. This boutique hotel is made from three shipping containers and can accommodate up to 13 guests. It was completed in only four months and its suites are simple and cozy, with walls and ceilings finished in birch plywood and furnished entirely with custom pieces.

The Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is yet another hotel made entirely out of repurposed shipping containers. You can find it in the Caucasus mountains in Gudauri, Georgia, being designed to complement the landscape and to have as little impact on the environment as possible, hence the pyramid-like structure and the fact that the containers are raised on steel posts. The containers are organized on five levels, the first one consisting of common spaces such as the reception and the dining area. The guests suites occupy the four upper levels and offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Each suite is a separate container.

The fact that this structure incorporates three shipping containers is almost irrelevant since the truly interesting and unusual thing about it is the crane. That’s right, this is a luxury rental apartment which used to be an old crane. You can find it in Amsterdam overlooking the IJ river. When the area started to transform into a residential neighborhood back in 1975, the Figee crane 2868 was kept on the site as a reminder of the industrial heritage of this region. Recently the crane was repurposed into a holiday retreat and the process was overseen by designer Edward van Vliet.

Ccasa Hostel is located in Nha Trang, Vietnam and is the first one to be built out of shipping containers in this particular region. It’s a hostel designed for backpackers inspired by the belief that we should all be connected even if we live in different parts of the world, like a big family. The project was completed by TAK Architects and the hostel was designed to function like a sort of family house. Separate containers serve as bedrooms and there are common spaces such as the kitchen, the living room, the play room and the roof terrace.

Another interesting project is the Sleeping Around pop-up hotel which consists of four suites,  a breakfast and lounge volume and a sauna, all made out of repurposed shipping containers. Each suit is a 20 square meter container space with a bed, a shower and minimal furniture. The project was developed by three partners: Geoffrey Stampaert, Didier Opdebeeck and Ellen Wezenbeek and is relocated from place to place. You can suggest the next location on the hotel’s website.

The colorful and funky exterior of the Winebox hotel makes it hard to miss but that’s not the only interesting thing about it. The hotel is located in Valparaíso, Chile and is built out of shipping containers, each unit contrasting with its neighbors. The container suite have terraces as well as large windows and sliding glass doors and some enjoy ocean views. Also, all suites include private bathrooms.

Have you ever went to a gorgeous location with great views and a wonderful atmosphere and you wished there was a hotel there? Well, others had this experience too, including directors Anatoly Mezhov and Irene Polo from Contained and they decided to do something about it. They came up with the idea to transform shipping containers into portable hotel rooms which can be transported to almost any location. The rooms are are made out of 20 ft containers which open up to the surrounding landscape and offer modern and stylish accommodations.

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