I’ve received so many questions about this DIY, or maybe an upcycle is more of an accurate term, as this is just a transformation of something old and tired to give it a new life! And wow, this one has become such a favorite at home and also with you guys, which is so much fun. At the moment I’m really trying to pace myself and not go crazy with other small pieces like this one, the color was such a perfect addition to our otherwise rather gray interior. 

The two main questions I’ve received are about where to get a pouff like this to do redress, and my main tip is to just search through you local thrift shop, I’ve seen plenty that could be a good base for this kind of project. For those of you located in Sweden (and primarily Stockholm, but I think they do ship), is thrift shop ‘Refurn’, which is actually where I found this one. The second question is about the fabric I’ve used, which is actually a particular kind of velvet used specifically for upholstering furniture. It’s a bit pricier, but really worth it as it doesn’t stretch or attract dust in the way that way that velvet usually does, so ask in any fabric shop and they will help you!

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