Like many of us here in the UK I was really feeling the last weeks of winter – it wasn’t the snow that got me down it was the endless flow of virus’ that kept us coughing and spluttering for months. My living room had turned into a nest of trains and tissues and I was desperately needing an escape from the sagging sofa cushions. A family wedding called us to Norfolk and it was there that we landed at the mothership (well for me anyway!), the amazing Voewood
Voewood is a beautiful Arts and Crafts house Just around the corner from the town of Holt – whilst the house and gardens are lovely it was the interior that got me weak at the knees. Full of collections; cups, chairs, paintings all a little wonky but you could see they amused something in the owner and I delighted in them all. 
I’d been looking for some new inspiration for around the house, before we went away I could almost feel/see what I wanted but not quite articulate it in my mind. It was the collected treasures and gentle palettes of creams, greys, greens and pinks I saw in the house and on our subsequent trips to Stiffkey, Blakeney and Wells that have given me some fresh ideas and set me off on various treasure hunting missions. My Ebay search history is full of old floral oil paintings (I haven’t found the right one just yet), I’ve been rummaging for bits in secondhand shops, bootsales and found a cracking new table at a church sale this weekend. I’m thinking of taking the plunge and buying this beautiful Moroccan throw to cover up the sofa and adding more textured and child friendly cushions. I’ll keep you posted on the results…Until then I really hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

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