What I like about these simple gift toppers is the juxtaposition of the softness of the yarn versus the grittiness of the glitter paper snowflakes.

It’s simple, but it works, and below you’ll find out how to make them.
Yarn (two colours per tassel)Card board or notebook (about 6″ long)ScissorsEK Tools 2″ snowflake punchGlitter card stockHot glue gun

1. Wrap both yarns tightly around the notebook about 15 times.
2. With a new length of yarn, tie a double knot at the top. Snip the ends on the opposite side and pull off the notebook.

3. Make another piece of yarn to tie around the top to create the tassel shape.
4. Snip the ends of the tassel to an even length.

5. Punch a snowflake on the glitter paper.
6. Hot glue the snowflake to the top of the tassel on the two loose ties, then tie the whole piece to the top of a package.

You can find the same wrapping paper that I used at Hobby Lobby.

Total project time: about 3 minutes per tassel.