My box of beautiful cards is running thin, and there is something incredibly satisfying about having them on hand and ready to send at the drop of a hat. One of my favorite things is to give and receive beautiful mail. I scouted out some fun ones I would love to add to my dwindling stash. Are you still sending out snail mail? Put a stamp on it with these current Ellsworth Kelly beauties!

Snail Mail Cards | Oh Happy Day

1. Super Hero Card | 2. Things Will Work Out Card | 3. Cherries Honeycomb Card | 4. Cupcake Sprinkles Birthday Card | 5. Planet Card | 6. High Five Card | 7. Friend Ship Card  | 8. NYC Envelope  | 9. Girl on Fire Card | 10. Merci Card | 11. Sorry Card | 12. Pizza Card


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