When the entirety of your home is confined to 250 square feet, it’s hard to tell where your bedroom begins and ends. Luckily, we’ve found a few chic (and clever) ways to make the most of your cozy home

From using planters to add a touch of color or a chic bookshelf painted a fun hue, we scoured the internet to find smart room dividers that work especially well for tiny spaces. Because we know all of you don’t have the luxury of living in massive condos or mansions, we’ve done the groundwork for you: Peek ahead for our favorite small space room divider ideas.

Get some inspiration, DIY-style, with this unbelievable hack that works perfectly for a small space. By using rattan accents and a simple selection of colorful yarn, you can create a divider that’s entirely your own. We suggest mixing colors that already vibe with your existing home decor. Get the full DIY on Sugar and Cloth.
You’ve heard of a bookshelf, but what about a plant shelf? In this sunny NYC studio, an open wood and metal shelf filled with greenery shelf separates the bedroom from the living space without blocking light.
A low and open shelving unit helps break up a room without seeming closed off. Add in plants to green up the space, along with books and a handful of decorative accessories to complete the look. 
A solid-back bookshelf is the perfect piece to section off your bed from the rest of the living area. Bonus: It gives you extra space for storage.
Install a temporary wall between two living spaces and turn it into your very own mini gallery by displaying a curated mix of wall art and prints. 
Extend a sheer curtain along the width of the space—preferably alongside the edge of the “bedroom”—to section off a spot reserved for sleeping. 

When it comes to the decor, an eclectic aesthetic can help distract the eye from limited square footage.

We’re loving the rustic details of this whitewashed divider (that doubles as a spot for hanging clothes) set against the streamlined details of a contemporary design.

An oversized wall planter hardly constitutes as an essential when it comes to furnishing small spaces, but we must admit this grid-lined piece might just be too stunning to pass up. Its minimalist design lends an effortlessly chic element to the space, providing to be an ideal solution for housing greenery. 

Bonus Tip: Insert narrow planks of wood across the grid lines for makeshift shelves, and style them with an assortment of decorative accents.

When it comes to small spaces, aim to keep the floors as clutter-free as possible. Opt for a hanging shelf in lieu of one that takes up valuable square footage, and use it to store everything from books to dinnerware.
For the kitchen that extends itself into the bedroom, intersect the space with a sleek bar to double as extra counter space, or even a high-rise table. 
An upcycled steel-framed window stands in as a chic partition for the bathroom. Fasten hooks against the ledges to hang towels, caddies, and dainty baskets filled with toiletries. 

Position a shelf against a wall (along its width and directly adjacent to the kitchen) and pull up a pair of stools for an improvised bar. Add a sconce directly above the shelf for an additional source of light.
Place a mirrored divider aside a window to reflect light throughout a cozy space. Section off the area behind to house clothing racks or unsightly storage.

This story was originally published May 2, 2017. It has been updated with new information.

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