small things matter

If you are like me, and you spend time on social media, you are probably seeing lots of highlight reels from the people you follow, lots of beautiful photos filled with reflections, big 2018 moments, success, accomplishments and inspiration. You also may have a moment of feeling less than, like perhaps your 2018 looks small in comparison to other people. And if you are like me, you may even feel like your own 2018 accomplishments were way too simple- like paying the bills every month, finally going to the dentist, growing dahlias in your back yard, making a new friend, choosing to eat an avocado every morning instead of cookies, being kind to your husband, practicing patience with your kid and sometimes just being happy that you survived a hard season with your sanity. In the social media world these things MIGHT FEEL like they fail in comparison- because it looks like everyone else went on that exotic trip, everyone else found themselves, everyone else had a year of self care, everyone else had a year filled with abundance or dreams coming true.

Well, today I want to tell you that all those simple things that happened in 2018, the accomplishments that seem boring or routine or maybe even unconventional- they matter! They may not be captured in a beautiful photo or feel like anything important but let’s remember, real life doesn’t work like the internet and social media. It is not a highlight reel or fancy photos and happy captions. Most of the time real life accomplishments are about putting one foot in front of the other each and every day. It’s about doing the hard work, even when it’s boring or difficult, it’s about walking through the everyday moments and it’s about finding success in the ordinary! Please don’t be fooled by your Instagram feeds or blogs or Facebook posts as the new year begins. Don’t compare or feel less than or as if your small moments in 2018 don’t matter. They matter! And in my opinion, they are very likely the most important things that happened to you this year.