I love this small studio home with olive green accents. This studio is planned in a very open way, with a doorway between the kitchen and the living area and a niche for the bedroom. I love the fact that the sleeping area is visually separated from the living room because of the dark olive green wall color of the niche only. The white bed linen, beige pillowcases*, and beige crinkled blanket* match the art prints on the wall and I love the little wall shelf that is used as a nightstand.

The sofa area has a beautiful mixture of beige textiles and prints as well and I love that there is space for a small dining table in front of the windows. When you peak into the small kitchen from the living room area, you can see a little curtain underneath the sink, which has the same tint as the wall of the sleeping area. It’s touches like these that make this home stylish and special I think.

via Stadshem

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