Small Kitchen Layouts Infused With Clever Design Solutions

A small kitchen doesn’t also have to be a cluttered and impractical kitchen, not if you can prevent that by employing creative interior design techniques and using the layout in your favor rather that seeing as an impediment. Sure, some kitchen layouts offer more advantages than others but that’s no reason to be discouraged. In fact, we have some really cool and inspiring examples to show you which prove that small kitchen layouts can be full of nice surprises.

It’s hard enough to come up with a practical and good-looking design for a small kitchen or kitchenette without having to worry about beams and rafters. Of course, you might be able to actually use the framework of the space in your favor. A nice example is the small kitchen designed by Ewa Czerny which features a minimalist table/ bar supported on one side by the wall. The beams actually create a cute frame in this case. 

Looking at this small kitchen interior created by A Little Design we noticed how clever the decision to place the appliances at the ends of the counter was. The washing machine is deeper than the counter so getting it out of the way was mandatory but this also leaves clear access to the sink and storage cabinets which means two persons can comfortably share the space at the same time. 

When dealing with a tiny kitchen it’s often best to opt for an open plan so the kitchen can extend into the dining and living area if extra prep space is needed. A cool design trick used here by Brad Swartz Architect was to give this kitchen a mirrored backsplash. 

Another clever idea adopted here by llabb was to play with this small kitchen layout and to extend it into the dining area by adding a rectangular, elongated table which can double as an island

Rich red accents give this small apartment a dynamic and chic vibe by contrasting with the pure white surfaces and the warm wooden flooring. The kitchen is small but has lots of character. Its red countertop is complemented by a matching tiled backsplash which frames the wall-mounted cabinet and goes all the way up to the ceiling. This is an interior designed by SWAN Architectes

Guided by the desire to maximize storage and to make this tiny apartment as space-efficient as possible, the Elii team came up with the idea to organize the spaces on two levels and to connect them with a movable staircase/ storage unit which when removed reveals even more storage under the raised floor. This is great for the kitchen. 

L-shaped kitchen layouts can be pretty practical provided that you can find a way to put that corner space to good use. This design by Studio Bazi shows a good organization in a small kitchen without unnecessary features and yet with plenty of character and style. 

The tall, multifunctional table is a really nice idea for small kitchen layouts like this one. It can function as a bar table when entertaining, as a dining or breakfast table as well as a kitchen island. This small apartment interior was designed by Richard Guilbault and we love the fact that it has a light and neutral color palette. 

While an open kitchen and a shared floor plan can be very practical, especially in the case of small apartments, sometimes you don’t want to see the kitchen when you’re entertaining in the living room and being able to hide it behind sliding doors can be an awesome feature, one which Estúdio BRA took advantage of when designing this stylish apartment. 

At first glance this apartment looks like it’s in serious need of a remodel. However, that’s actually the finished renovation, a project completed by Karin Matz and meant to preserve the previous layers and the history of the space while also being the beginning of a new story. The high ceiling is a great feature which allows the small kitchen to look spacious and open. 

There are many ways to compartmentalize an open space without actually using solid wall partitions. One option is to do it with furniture. This space designed by Yuichi Yoshida & associates shows an interesting interpretation of that. The sleeping area and the kitchen occupy a central space and are integrated into a big furniture module with sliding doors which can completely conceal the bedroom whenever desired.

Another interesting compartmentalization is featured by this small apartment designed by Interjero Architektūra. The kitchen features a U-shaped counter with one section doubling as a space divider and as a table. 

This is the tiny kitchen of a small apartment from Moscow designed by Ruetemple. The apartment as a whole is very cozy, a feeling created by the abundance of wood used throughout the space. The kitchen occupies a corner and includes an L-shaped counter, storage underneath and above, built-in appliances and also a small, square-shaped table mounted on the outer wall. 

Although small, this kitchen is positioned pretty nicely, right next to the entryway of this apartment located in Barcelona. It’s an all-white kitchen and this gives it a very clean, fresh and luminous look. The designer that came up with this stylish setup is Eva Cotman.

Wood makes spaces look warm and welcoming and that’s a well-known fact. Interior designers and architects take advantage of that each in their own way. For example, this small kitchen is super lovely. It’s complemented by a sitting area with a fireplace and above it is a loft space. The low ceiling in combination with all the wood and the fireplace make it look cute and cozy. This is a design by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

This entire house has a total of only 19.8 square meters of living space which implicitly means a small kitchen layout. There’s barely any counter space and not a lot of storage space either. The open shelves are practical though. This was a project by The Plus Partners in collaboration with DNC Architects. 

Inside the Tiny Project, a small house on wheels completed by Alek Lisefski, there are a lot of features in spite of the limited footprint. There’s enough room for a kitchen equipped with basic things like a sink, a range cooker, a washer and dryer, a refrigerator and a freezer as well as a good amount of storage.

When this apartment from São Paulo was renovated by Vitrô Arquitetura, one of the main objectives was to improve the circulation by modifying the original plan which featured several small, separate rooms as opposed to a large and open floor plan. The small kitchen became a part of the living area but still manages to retain its privacy. It occupies a semi-detached nook and it’s actually quite spacious given the circumstances.

It’s a bit weird to see a kitchen right next to an entertainment center, actually part of the same unit. It’s one of the design solutions chosen by architect Alan Chu for this micro apartment in São Paulo. This layout saved space and is practical which is highly important when dealing with a small space.

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