Small Cedar Home Reigns Over Farm-Field Landscape

small cedar home door countySalmela Architect recently completed the design of a charming contemporary home located in Door County, Wisconsin. The 1,093 square-foot crib reigns over a farm-field landscape and takes in the peacefulness of the surroundings. The small cedar home design caters to the expectations of a bohemian client named Beth.

House for Beth is a narrow three-room building with stepped pitched roofs that reflect the functions within,” the architects explained. “The tallest roof defines a bright, open living space with views to the landscape in all directions. The lower pitched roof houses the bathroom and bedrooms. A third lean-to structure is attached to the back which contains the mechanical room.”
small cedar home exteriorSimple white walls and natural pine additions make for inviting interiors. “Sequences of large fixed windows and smaller operable windows create an immediate visual connection to the surrounding site while providing ample opportunity for breezes to passively ventilate this narrow house,” the architects added. “Natural wood trim adds warmth, and a narrow black band of Richlite above a continuous pine shelf mimics the black splash band on the exterior. The furnishings are simple, modern and affordable, all from IKEA.”

Terraces on the north and south of the small cedar home provide the owners with plenty of outdoor space and shade during warm summer days. The small white fence defines the perimeter of the courtyard, including the integrated parking spots. White window frames complement the natural cedar siding. Photography by Paul Crosby.

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