Did you know that beauty sleep actually means something? Skin makes collagen while you sleep and it is collagen that prevents your skin from sagging. There’s actually some real truth behind the phrase ‘getting your beauty sleep’. Getting the zzzs in really can make you look more beautiful. More collagen means plumper skin and less wrinkles. Sleep it seems is the foundation of youth! And it’s free!

Now you’ve discovered the secret to the elixir of beautiful skin, you’ll want to know some secrets about getting the best night’s sleep possible. When it comes to beautiful skin, forget about lotions and potions. A Vispring bed is the perfect platform for the best beauty sleep ever. Here’s why.

Bespoke comfort

Vispring beds are known all over the world for their luxurious comfort. The comfort of our bed mattress has an enormous impact on how restful our sleep is. There really is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bed, which has you tossing and turning all night long.

Buying a new mattress isn’t just about picking one you like the look of. It takes considerable research to get the right mattress and you definitely need to try before you buy. Vispring understand how different we all are. Vispring are dedicated to making beds and mattresses that are designed to give us the best chance of a deep and wonderful night’s rest.

The Vispring range of beds is vast, and their bespoke service means you really can have a bed that cushions you like a king (or queen). In terms of trying the Vispring beds out, there are many bed specialists who stock the full Vispring range for you to try. Spending an afternoon at a bed shop isn’t such a bad idea if you need some downtime.

When you’ve found a bed to suit you, Vispring will make your new bed and mattress to order. All Vispring beds are completely bespoke from the size and tension of the mattress to the height, fabric, bed legs and storage options. With fifty-eight spring types and four different tensions you can be sure you will find a Vispring mattress that suits you perfectly. And if you and your partner are wildly different, king size mattresses and above can be made with different tensions on each side. Life-changing!

Natural materials

Natural materials are at the heart of Vispring’s products. Part of creating a luxurious bed includes considerations around perspiration, support and comfort. Pure cotton, Shetland wool, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, silk and cashmere are some of the luxurious natural materials incorporated in a Vispring bed.

Natural fillings are used to provide a hygienic and cool sleeping surface. The natural fillings wick away moisture, keeping you comfortable all night long. British fleece wool is used in many of the Vispring mattresses and is fabulous for regulating body temperature, keeping you cool on balmy summer nights and warm in the winter.

Natural materials are also non-toxic, unlike many other beds made from synthetic materials. If you have been suffering the discomfort of an uncomfortable bed filled with inferior synthetic materials, a Vispring bed really can be life-changing, especially for those with allergies, such as eczema and asthma.


Handcrafted luxury

Every Vispring bed is handcrafted with the same care and attention. Individually pocketed springs and hand-tufting are Vispring’s secret to voluptuous surfaces and the ultimate in comfort. All Vispring mattresses are sewn up by hand using natural twine with techniques that take years to master. Imagine how great you will feel cozied up in a bed made especially for you. It will be like sleeping in the best hotel bed ever, every single night.


A Royal Warrant

Just in case you need further convincing, (though we are sure you’ve got the picture by now), Vispring have a reputation for exceptional luxury when it comes to beds. Did you know that Vispring mattresses were selected for the Titanic’s suites and First-class cabins? Uh-huh! And they were awarded the highly prized Queens Award for Enterprise in 2012. Your new bed couldn’t get much more kudos than that.


Refined since 1901

Vispring have been making beds since 1901. From the outset, Vispring insisted on only using the finest natural materials, the best craftsmen and the unique pioneering design of pocketed steel springs. Their quest for perfection has never stopped.

 5 tips for the best night’s sleep ever


  1. A vispring bed (of course)
  2. Digital detox (no TVs, phones, iPads or electronic devices in the bedroom)
  3. Warm shower, not a hot bath before bed
  4. Switch up the drinks: herbal tea not coffee in the evening, and avoid alcohol
  5. Invest in luxury bed linen to match your bed

The best night’s sleep ever with a Vispring bed equals a more beautiful you.


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