Do you like skirts with sneakers because that helps you to feel feminine? Comfortable sports footwear allows you to spend an active day and to be vigorous in the evening? That means that’s your style! Choose several suits that accentuate your figure and fit your mood and be confident! And we will recommend your some stylish skirt and sneakers outfits.

long skirt and sneakers
Skirt with sneakers as a part of urban style

Sports footwear can be combined with different types of skirts. Present-day fashion combines femininity and comfort. Which skirts match sneakers better?

  • City chic. Sole-colour skirts match sneakers perfectly: even skirts, barrel and slightly expended skirts. Usually they have no decorative elements. Denim skirts are very fashionable as well as leather skirts. That can be mini-skirts or calf-length skirts. You can complete the look with modest jewelry.

sneakers and skirt outfit

  • Casual style. It’s casual clothing which is extremely comfortable. For example, that can be short or medium-length loose skirts of lightweight fabrics, monochrome, more rarely with geometrical pattern and with soft combination of shades.

sneakers and skirt outfit

leather skirt and sneakers outfit

  • Sports style offers loose and comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Pockets, straps and zippers serve as an ornament. You can wear skirts with small stripes. You can choose T-shirts and undershirts as a top.

sneakers and skirt

  • The ecological trend in fashion is based on ancient traditions. Long and loose skirts are made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, cashmere. Colors and patterns are inspired by nature: brown, beige, green, gray, sandy, marshy. The universal option is to combine dresses and skirts with white sneakers. «Delicious» outfits with white sneakers are already published on our website.

sneakers and skirt

sneakers and skirt outfit

  • Ethnic style is a modern interpretation of a folk costume. You can wear sneakers and midi skirts of medium and maxi length, which made of coarse and natural fabric of bright colors. They are decorated with frills, small floral pattern and embroidery. Floral skirts with sneakers looks very well.

floral midi skirt and sneakers

  • Romantic style. Skirts made of light material, monochrome or colored, from pastel colors. Frills and creases can be added. The skirt made of tulle, which is one of the most fashionable options, matches sneakers perfectly, even though this combination may seem strange to some conservative people.

         Romantic pleated or lace skirt with sneakers will create a gentle and feminine image.

sneakers and skirt

pleated skirt and sneakers outfit

  • New business style. A classical pencil skirt with sneakers can make a good combination. Unbelievably but according to the rules of present-day fashion sneakers can be combined with official outfits!

sneakers and skirt outfit

sneakers and skirt outfit

  • Marine style. Striped T-shirts and skirts of any length and ensembles in blue-white-red color scheme will match the sneakers of the same color perfectly.

sneakers and skirt

sneakers and skirt outfit

  • Jeans boom. Jeans boom. Denim clothing is experiencing a second youth, rebirth and reincarnation! And modern denim skirts are not only mini trapeze skirts and strict pencil skirts. All denim skirts looks with sneakers very well.

denim skirt and sneakers

In this season designers paid special attention to slip-ons – they are comfortable sneakers without laces which have thick rubber soles. Their main advantage is that they can be put on very easily. There’s no need wasting time trying to tie the laces. Find out more how to combine slip-ons with skirts and dresses in the instructions of our stylists.

How to choose sneakers to your skirt

You have to combine the fabric of your skirt and model of your shoes correctly.

Low white sneakers are a universal option which you can wear with any outfit.

pleated skirt and sneakers outfit

— High top sneakers will match mini skirts of light fabrics of any length. Such footwear will make your legs look longer. They will look great with flared skirts.

sneakers and skirt

– Monochrome skirts can be combined with sneakers with different pattern or with footwear of contrasting colors. But you shouldn’t forget about the color of the top. If you prefer monochrome clothing than you’d better combine no more than three or even two colors in one ensemble.

pencil skirt and sneakers

– Jeans blend in with bright and white footwear. Combination of denim skirts and sneakers is one of the most favorite among girls. Don’t hesitate to create such ensembles! Plus in 2018 denim is one of the most popular materials! But in a new interpretation! Read everything about fashionable jeans in the next publication.

denim skirt and sneakers

– Patterned cloth should be combined with monochrome sneakers which repeat one of the colors of your clothes. Thus, your outfit will look harmonically, it won’t be overloaded with colors and patterns. The same rule applies to combining dresses with sneakers. If you want to become a stylish queen, then find out more about such ensembles in our publication!

Skirt with sneakers outfit: consider the features of figure

Before you put on sneakers together with skirt, study your reflection in the mirror carefully. Flat-soled shoes make you look a bit smaller, so only slim and tall girls can combine absolutely all types of skirts with sports shoes. In all the other cases you have to be careful while creating your outfit. But that doesn’t mean that plump girls can’t wear such ensembles. You just have to know how to present yourself.

— Tiny girls look good in short poodle skirts of bright fabrics with a belt that will suit your waist and make you look fragile.

short skirt and sneakers

– Young girls can wear sneakers with rhinestones or other decorations. Why not wear shoes of unexpected colors? The length of the leg will be visually increased by high leggings and knee-socks, they will also emphasize the youth and spontaneity of the young woman. Older women do not need knee-socks, it will look inappropriate.

sneakers and skirt

sneakers and skirt

— Mini-skirts of all types (especially tight) make people pay attention to your legs: they will look longer. But if your legs are a bit plump, a frank mini-skirt will only emphasize this problem.

— If your legs are very skinny and you don’t want everyone to notice it, then wear high sneakers and knee-length skirts.

— If you decide to combine sneakers with a long skirt, then it should be loose of a light fabric.

long skirt and sneakers

— You can hide a couple of extra pounds by wearing a poodle skirt, a pencil skirt or – the best variant — a wraparound. All this models will match sneakers.

Exceptions in combination of sneakers and skirt

Not long ago it was only possible to combine sneakers with sports clothing, rarely with jeans. But as you can see, nowadays such footwear can be combined with nearly all types of skirts: short, long, tight, flared, monochrome and patterned. But are there any exceptions to this rule? Which skirts can’t be combined with sneakers?

  • Maxi and midi skirts of coarse dense fabric will look ridiculous with sneakers. Denim is an exception. This fabric is associated with sport style. You can combine sneakers with any denim skirts, even midi and long and dense.

long denim skirt and sneakers

  • You can combine sneakers only with unshowy bijouterie. Expensive jewelry made for special occasions can be worn with high heels. Golden jewelry and diamonds don’t match sneakers.
  • So, long evening dresses don’t match sneakers. Only celebrities and models on the runway can wear them. Nowadays girls can choose skirts of other style.

Check on our new article «Dresses with sneakers: where the line between a stylish look and bad taste», to be a real expert in the world of fashion!



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