Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образPeplum is called a wide strip of fabric that is sewn to the garment (be it a skirt, blouse, dress, or jacket) at the waist. Skirt with such a decorative item is not only stylish looks, but also with proper selection helps to hide imperfections of the figure and emphasize its advantages.

Who is suitable for? You should pay attention.

All! Models in skirts with peplum are a huge number, and each woman can choose the most suitable to her figure style. They may differ in: the Type of peplum. It can be narrow or wide, straight strip of cloth or pleated, like a frill, to be in the form of ribbons, Ruche or frill, and a host of other creative options. The type of skirt. This may be a strict pencil skirt or bell skirt, mini skirt or skirt, the floor – everything is limited only by the imagination of the designer-designer.

Do not forget about the color. Most often, the peplum skirt – solid. This is due to the fact that peplum, covering the upper part of the skirt, hiding the pattern, and create a harmonious composition in this case is difficult. But it is possible! And lovers of ornaments will definitely find a skirt with a peplum to your liking.

This diversity allows you to choose the skirt of this style for women of any age, with any type of figure on any standard case.

A few tips for choosing a skirt.

Peplum aims at the adjustment of the shape and gives the proportionality. It can help hide wide hips, narrow to highlight and make the almost wasp waist. If a woman is properly chosen a style, this skirt will help her look even more feminine and elegant. Several recommendations in this regard:
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ

    Women with narrow hips and slender legs you should choose a skirt with a voluminous peplum, for example, in the form of waves or wings on the sides. This will help to create the illusion of a more curvaceous hips. Also, they will look great the skirt is short length. Women with wide hips should choose a strict straight skirts with peplum and skirt with Empire waist. The peplum should not be lush, but rather geometric. All this will help to visually narrow hips and legs will seem slimmer and longer. Women with a proportionate figure, the most unfortunate. They will fit any version of the skirt with peplum. She will give the forms of smoothness and helps to emphasize the waist.

What to wear with a skirt, a peplum?

Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образAfter selecting the right skirt with peplum is the big question – what to wear? Here are the basic rules:

    Whatever the top, it needs to be either short, or tucked into a skirt. Most will look perfectly adjacent silhouette, but oversized and baggy things to avoid. Several options for the top: a crop top blouse, turtleneck or sweater, sweater, cardigan (can be long or short close-fitting) shirt, tight t-shirts and t-shirts. To outerwear also has certain requirements. With a skirt this style we should wear cropped jackets, raincoats, down jackets or coats. The correct option is one in which the Basque is visible from under the upper garment by about 10-15 centimeters. An important rule regarding shoes, the obligatory presence of a narrow heel or stiletto. Skirt with peplum does not like ballet shoes, sneakers, running shoes, flip flops and other footwear on a flat sole. Best suited shoes, sandals or ankle boots. [note]you Can replace the heel with a platform, but it needs to be high enough – not less than 5 centimeters.[/note] And last but not least – accessories. They must be restrained, laconic and nonrecurrent. They should not be a lot, so they do not pull attention to themselves. Better if it is, for example, one bracelet or just the beads. Do not forget about the bag. With a skirt with a peplum look good small bags or clutches.

Photo images:

Black skirt with a peplum combined with a white blouse.
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ
Straight beige skirt with a peplum combined with a black blouse and black heels.
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ
Long skirt with peplum and purple with a gold bracelet on her arm.
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ
The summer version is light and bright skirts.
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ
Pink skirt, paired with a brilliant shirt.
Юбка с баской: как создать неповторимый образ
Skirt with peplum – almost a must-have in the wardrobe of the modern woman. It is versatile and can be worn to a business event or work, and at the gala evening or just a trip to the cinema. She can become the detail in the image, which will give a woman a unique look.


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