Time to get creative with wallpaper. Namely, in regards to the oft-neglected places in your home that could seriously use a pick-me-up. If your planter, staircase, or even your mirror needs a refresh, and you don’t want to buy something new, wallpaper might just be the unexpected answer. With that, get ready to take a look at six fresh ways to max out wallpaper, ahead.

On Your Furniture
Sick of your furniture? Don’t get rid of anything just yet. Instead, use wallpaper to make your items feel like new again. This is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box, like wallpapering your fridge, or creating wallpapered panels for the tried-and-true dresser in your bedroom.

On Your Old Books
We all have books that we don’t necessarily want on display for our guests. But before you get rid of your 50 Shades of Gray trilogy, give it a new life with wallpaper. Now all your old books are chic ornamentation.
On your Mirror
If your standing mirror has a frame that can hold wallpaper, why wouldn’t you transform your mirror into a statement piece?
As Art
Instead of filling your entire wall with wallpaper, find an awesome frame, and place a piece of wallpaper inside. It will give your wall the dimension you’re looking for without having to fully commit.
As An Accent
We already established that you can make an entire piece of furniture an accent-piece with wallpaper, but it can go even further than furniture. Try putting wallpaper at the base of each stair, on one side of a door, or even as a table runner.
On Your Boxes
If you love your plants but not your planters, tissue holders, or any other container that you have to look at on a daily basis, cover it up with wallpaper, and let it sing.