We Are Hiring Emily Henderson Editorial Director Manager New Job Creative DirectorWe Are Hiring Emily Henderson Editorial Director Manager New Job Creative Director

Big exciting changes, and we need big exciting people to help. Yes, we are hiring and expanding over here at EHD.

But first the back story, a little recap of my feelings about my business. As you know last year, I shutdown ‘The Flea’ and client design department to focus more on the blog and my own personal design projects. The goal was really to stay lean for a while, to intentionally not expand the business while still growing the traffic and brand. The main reason was bandwidth – not the actual internet, but that of my own human body/mind and honestly that of my team. It’s like backward business 101. But I have heard this theory amongst risky careers like mine – stay lean, don’t over-invest, etc.

Well, I’ve since changed my mind and the site is about to blow up (figuratively speaking). What really made me finally decide to expand was how I myself was using the site as a designer, reader, and a shopper. As I’ve been designing these two houses (Mountain house and Portland house) I realized that we were missing opportunities to be such a better resource for this design process. Our thoroughly researched posts get lost in the single post feed layout we currently use and while we have a resource page with a lot of vendors on it, it’s not as compelling, useful, easy to navigate or updated as it could be. I tried to listen to so many of you who said ‘we want your voice’ but as you probably can tell there is NO way that I can write every post on the site, nor do I need to. And reducing the blog to only my posts misses so many opportunities and would kill traffic and good content, thus the business. I need to focus on documenting my major projects, writing about them, creating compelling photo and video content FOR them (I’m really excited about the video series for I Design, You Decide) and of course writing my personal posts. Plus leading the team, brainstorming new content and overseeing, you know, life. We also have soooo many posts that I want to write that are smaller and don’t fulfill our 2700+ (not a factual number) word every single post needs. Like my ‘I can’t believe I’m actually loving… {insert product or trend I’d NEVER thought I’d like}.’ The single post feed was too limiting and the content was lost too quickly once the new post went up the following day. When we posted more than once a day you didn’t come back and those posts were lost due to the faulty single-post layout.

Every 6 months over the last few years I brought up the ‘should we be a site, not a blog?’ question to myself but was also really fearful of my blog losing its soul by adding contributors and making it more of a ‘web-site’ that felt like a machine. Also, why fix what ain’t broke???

But my leg isn’t ‘broke’ and yet I try to run and make it stronger. My relationship with my husband isn’t ‘broke’ and yet I still try to have a better marriage. Just because something is indeed successful doesn’t mean that it can’t also be better.

The new site will be so much more user-friendly and resource heavy, with even more daily content and the same amount of posts by me (if not more, since I can write short posts with less pressure). In 3 months, with the new site, we can be a bit looser with some fun content that is more topical, but at the same time have a larger featured post every day. Obviously, the hope being that you come back a couple times a day and hang out with us for a long time enjoying the content and using it as a resource over and over.

Who is us? The same team that we have (Brady: Editorial Director, Jess: Office Manager/Blog Assistant, Sara: Photographer/Social Media Director and Julie: Junior Designer) but we need to add some more people to our amazing team as things are changing.

Here is what EHD is looking for to help take this blog to a site and have it well-run:

A Social Media Marketing Expert

This person needs to have at least 2 years experience in a high-level social media position. Their responsibilities will be working with me to strategize, produce, copy-write, and execute content for every platform, including expertise in advertising, be blue-print certified, and know the adobe suite. Any other video, photo, or animation skills are a plus. Obviously, a lover of lifestyle and design would be lovely. But I really want someone who can bring their experience, expertise, and knowledge to my team, and really take it all to the next level to create the most compelling content on all digital media platforms. This position would be full time, in LA but I am willing to pay for someone to relocate to LA for the absolute right person for the job. The pay will be based on experience, but I’m looking for someone with a lot of experience. Send resumes, cover letter, any examples of past work (and anything else you think necessary) to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com – Please put SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT in the subject line.

An Editorial Manager

With more posts a day comes the need for someone to manage the editorial calendar, be responsible for the day to day publishing/editing of every post, and manage the potential various contributors. Brady has been taking on this role but he’s also doing 9 other jobs (including this one) and is going to see more big picture items and production of everything that we do moving forward, so we need someone with experience to handle the multiple posts a day situation. They need at least 2 years of experience at a managerial position in the digital field. Copy-writing skills need to be strong, and an expertise in digital media and lifestyle blogs is extremely helpful. This person will also help brainstorm, pitch, and execute/write articles for the site as well as make sure that the site is as user-friendly as possible ensuring that you (the readers) are always heard and are having the best experience possible. A lot of organization and leadership is required and I’m hoping this person can really help streamline the daily production in the office. This position would be full time in LA. Send resume, cover letter, and any other information to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com Please put EDITORIAL MANAGER in the subject.


We are looking for editors and writers that have compelling voices, who know design and lifestyle. These people would pitch story ideas on a continuous basis and fully execute the production of posts from start to finish. We have a few right now that I’m very excited about (Orlando, Ginny, Mel, and Carla), but I haven’t put it out there yet and we can always use more. This would be a freelance position, with a pay-per-article structure. The person also does not need to live in LA. They should be familiar with wordpress, have excelling copy-writing/editing skills as well as have a good sense of what is happening in the design and lifestyle world. Send resume, cover letter, any examples of past work and writing examples (and anything else you think necessary) to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com – Please put CONTRIBUTOR in the subject.

House Manager/Personal Assistant/Mom ?

Now that our kids are both in preschool together til 2:30 our lovely nanny is moving on to a full-time family next month. We also want to spend some afternoons with the kids since we have flexible (although busy) schedules. So instead of hiring a nanny we’d love to find someone who can of course watch our kids and loves kids, but also manage the house. That would include meal prep, keeping things organized, running errands, tidying things up when needed, returning things to Target and other stores, etc. I’d love to find a mom honestly, that really knows how to run a house and doesn’t mind doing all things house related. This could be part-time 1-6pm, Monday – Thursday (maybe, Friday too) but it’s flexible with a lot of time off in the summer as we go up to the mountains. This person should be a total self-starter, motivated, super positive, responsible, organized, intuitive, lovely to be around – again, positive attitude please ? Send resume, cover letter and any other info you think we should know to jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com – Please put HOUSE MANAGER in the subject.

We are also looking for the following from YOU:

House Tours

While we will certainly not turn into a house-tour site we are looking for beautiful homes, with interesting architecture and decor that haven’t been published yet. We would come in and style, shoot, and then publish your space here on the site. So if you want your house, or if you are a designer looking to get a project shot and featured, email housetours@emilyhendersondesign.com with scouting photos of the space (pulled back shots) or any existing shots you have as well as a bit of info on the project.

Design Agony Questions

We are revamping this series because we all actually loved it. We just didn’t have time to do it, then I had a baby and we forgot about it. So Ginny is going to take it over. YAY! Send us your design problems, with good photos of your space and we’ll try to solve them and post about it. Shoot your submission photos during the day, with multiple angles, lots of natural light (if possible) and really pulled back. While we don’t expect these to be BEAUTIFUL photos, the better they are the more likely they are to get selected and then solved and blogged about. Email designagony@emilyhendersondesign.com

Your Spaces Inspired By EHD

A handful of you have sent along photos of spaces that you have created, styled, or shot that were inspired by the spaces, projects, or DIY’s that we have done on the site and we LOVE seeing them. It is so much fun to see your take on them and see our stuff out there in the real world. Send through pictures of your rooms, vignettes, or areas that are inspired by what you see over here on EHD to hello@emilyhendersondesign.com. We just might feature you in a post or on social, but mostly it is so fun for us to see.

Portland Design Assistants or Interns

We are moving fast on the Portland project and, with the help of Jenna, trying desperately to hit our May goal, but if there are any assistants in Portland (or students in college studying design who want hands-on experience) email jobs@emilyhendersondesign.com with PORTLAND DESIGN ASSISTANT in the subject line. As we get closer to the final finish date we’ll need PA’s and styling assistants, too, but ideally I’d have a few that can work freelance from now ’til May.

I’m so excited. I’m just so bummed that rebuilding the site takes so long!!! I want it now! The vibe will be the same (we aren’t rebranding, just rebuilding), the content will be better, the resources will be more organized and there will be even more of what is already good. We are getting bigger and better for you, and can’t wait to show you what we have coming up.

I feel like I actually know you, my readers, really well but in the name of understanding even more about you we have a quick multiple choice and short answer survey. It’s fast, I promise ? CLICK THROUGH HERE to take the survey and please let us know your thoughts in the short answer areas as that is what helps us bring you the best content every day as we continue to grow.

If you have ANY requests or suggestions for the site, we’d love to hear them. If there are new series that you think could be good or even just individual articles that you’d love to read, let us know in the comments below.

Are you scared? Excited? Do you feel like you are watching me grow up and graduate or are you nervous? If you are nervous, DON’T BE. It’s just more and better…

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