Emma Chapman Holiday lanes Emma Chapman  Black lace up dress Emma Chapman    Holiday lanes   For any fellow Springfield, MO friends, you might (or might not) recognize this bowling alley. It’s on the north side of our town, and I can’t even remember how long it’s been closed. I grew up in Springfield, and although it’s not necessarily a big city, growing up it felt like everyone kind of stayed on their side of town (pretty much wherever their high school was). I’m from the north side, and this past year when Trey and I moved, the house we ended up loving was way on the south side. I felt a little like a traitor – ha! It’s kind of funny the connections we make with certain areas or places, especially if it was a part of growing up. Locations can take on so much nostalgia. 

I’m excited to watch this happen more for you, Elsie, since Nashville is your new home. So you’re figuring out a whole new set of parts of town you love or feel you belong to. 

I do wish someone would open this bowling alley again though – it’s just too cute. Look at the pretty triangle wall! 

Lace up dress and shoes Fringe bracelet Holiday lanes Emma Chapman    Lace up dress Emma ChapmanEmma’s Wearing: Dress/ASOS, Shirt/ShopSosie, Shoes/H&M, Bracelet/gift from Katie of the Uncommon Place (Fossil), Bag/Fossil, Sunnies/Moorea Seal

Take it away, Sister!

Elsie LarsonOh yes, I remember that bowling alley too. So cute. My favorite childhood birthday parties were at roller skating rinks. I still love roller skating today. Maybe I’ll have my birthday at one this year. Haha! 

I am fully enjoying exploring and figuring out our new city. Nashville is weird because the longer you live here, the smaller it becomes. I love that! We’re steadily trying 1-2 new places each weekend, and (forgive me if I’ve already shared about this, but…) we started a journal a year and a half ago that we use to document if we liked restaurants and bars and what to order or not order. It’s kind of silly, but I love reading it back. And it’s pretty helpful for when we have guests because we also write down which spots would be best to take kiddos. 

Anyway! We’re having so much fun here. I miss my family terribly, but luckily they’ve been coming to visit and so have we. My brother and I snapchat each other constantly… oh Snapchat, created for evil and used for good, clean fun. Haha! 

Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie Larson Elsie’s Wearing: Top/My Little Belleville, Overalls/Madewell (similar), Bag/Kate Spade, Sunnies/Oui Fresh, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens

Thanks so much for reading, you guys! We love you! xx- Emma + Elsie

Credits//Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer.