Emma A Beautiful Mess Emma A Beautiful Mess Emma Chapman at home Emma of A Beautiful MessLately the weather has dictated that if you plan to venture outside anytime between the hours of 10am and 6pm, then you MUST wear a sleeveless dress. Bonus point if it will easily hide back sweat because no matter how good your car AC is, you will be sticking to the seat by the time you arrive, no matter how far you drive. But, despite the humidity and heat, I truly love living in the Ozarks – it’s just a really special place. 

Also, raise your hand if you like polka dots? Yeah, me too. So even if I’ve worn this dress probably one too many times lately, so what – everybody loves polka dots anyway. So it all works out. 

Some random facts from my life lately:
Nail update: still not biting them. Woot! Sometimes it’s still a struggle, but I feel I can confidently say I am in recovery. 🙂
-Currently loving Raury. Have you heard his music yet? 
-Really excited to see the new Star Trek. I love blockbusters, but I am an especially big fan of sci-fi geared blockbusters, and I loved Star Trek growing up!
-Getting back into my love of library. I hadn’t been in well over 6 months, which is such a shame, but I’m back in the club now and so happy to be. 🙂
-If you’ve never checked out Julie Blackmon’s photography, you NEED to. She’s from my town (or I’m from hers?), and I’m currently obsessed with her work – so interesting and inspiring.
-Trying to decide if I should have a garage sale next month or not. It’s so much work, but we have quite a few things that I hate to donate because they are nice. Hmm…

You got any random facts you’d like to share, Sister? 

Polka dots Summer vibes  Summer vibesEmma’s Wearing: Shoes/ModCloth (last year), Dress/Be Bop, Denim top and sunnies/F21, Purse/Marc Jacobs via Sarah’s IG sale. 

Elsie LarsonElsie LarsonHey there. Yes – it’s still both super hot and super rainy here in Nashville. People who have lived here a long time keep saying this rain is uncommon. It’s pretty most of the time, like when we’re hanging out in our sunroom. Not so much when I’m driving on the highways though. :/ 

Some random updates from my life lately:
-I have puppy fever. Probably not going to act on that, but still… 
-Our house is so much closer to complete now. Getting real cozy over here! 
-I am so excited because we found ONE species of prickly pear cactus that can live outdoors through the winter here in Tennessee. Thinking we’re going to plant some of them in the back of our house and peonies in the front? 
-Been trying some long dresses (as you can see here). I still feel more comfortable in short dresses, but these are fun! Trying to branch out. 
-Half of me is super excited for autumn and the holidays (approaching even sooner from a blog-planning perspective than a real-life perspective), and the other half of me wants to burn down Hobby Lobby for having ALL the Christmas decor out in August. Yikes! 

Elsie Larson  Elsie Larson  Elsie Larson  Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/H&M, Jacket and Bracelets/Madewell, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens. 

And since I know some of you will ask, my planter (on a stand) is from West Elm, the geometric one is from CB2, my sofa is from Article and my smoke bomb print is from A House In The Hills. I’ll be sharing a full tour of this room this fall! :))