Pom pom dress   Emma Chapman Pink door Clouds in her eyes Pom pom dress Every now and again I just feel like doing some kind of random, quick project. Just something fun that keeps my hands busy for a while. Usually these are things that can be completed in one or two nights (or a weekend day). You might think that I’m always “making” for my job, and it certainly IS a piece of my job (which I am forever thankful for), but a larger part of my time is spent on emails, behind the scenes administration stuff, and most creative things have to do with recipe development or photography.

But I was just in the mood to sew something, and I guess I was also putting off working on my quilt that I’m trying to complete this year. Ha! So, I added pom pom fringe to this dress, and I like it! It’s definitely on the line between so whimsical it should be kids’ wear and just plain fun. 🙂 It actually took a bit longer than I thought, as running this type of fringe through my sewing machine was a little more tricky than I initially anticipated. So, I guess I learned something too. 🙂 

Any random projects from your life lately, sister? 

Emma's pom pom dress Adding pom pom to a dress Pom pom dressEmma’s Wearing: Dress c/o Shabby Apple (loved the fit, which is partly why I wanted to update this one as I knew I’d keep wearing it!), Shoes/ASOS, Sunnies c/o Lulu’s, and Purse/Oui Fresh

Hey SisterI completely relate with that feeling of needing to create something just-for-fun! This summer I set up a little painting studio in my sunroom, and I’ve been sneaking in there to make paintings constantly. It feels really good to have a creative outlet and something to look forward to after a long week! 

Ps– your dress is so cute, Emma! 

Hey Sister  Hey Sister  Hey Sister  Hey Sister  Hey Sister  Hey Sister  Elsie’s Wearing: Dress/J.Crew (similar, the one I have is out of stock), Necklace/Moorea Seal, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens, Blanket/Turkish-T

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! 

Credits//Authors: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography by Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer.