Putting together a bedroom decor for one kid is hard enough so imagine doing it for two. Theoretically it’s not the end of the world. You just multiply everything by two so you have two beds, two nightstands, two closet spaces and so on. In the real world however things are not necessarily that simple. There are many variations and details that need to be considered not to mention the fact that matching furniture doesn’t always suit everyone. Let’s start with the easy things like choosing some twin beds for boys.

A twin-size bed frame is basically the smallest one you can get so two of them together would be as big as a king-size bed. That being said, they should fit comfortably in a regular bedroom as long as you don’t overdo it with the rest of the furniture. Find some inspiration in the breezy beach house style design created here by Soul Space.

A pair of twin beds gives you the perfect start for creating a symmetrical and harmonious bedroom decor. You can even matching twin bedding sets to emphasize that. These stripes are a nice fit for the simplistic design created by Kababie Arquitectos for the residence that they designed in Maxico City.

The Lone hotel in Rovinj, Croatia, offers its guests a range of stunning suites with great views and modern furniture. Twin beds are preferred for their increased versatility, being paired in stylish decors like this one. The interior design of the hotel was done by 3LHD.

There are multiple ways to organize twin beds in a bedroom. They can be placed side by side if the layout allows it or they can be placed head to head in the case of an elongated floor plan. The second option was chosen by mzc architettura for the shared bedroom that they designed in Treviso, Italy. The room is pretty packed with furniture but, even so, it looks bright and open and that’s mainly due to the colors used.

The Concrete House II that A-cero designed in Madrid, Spain has a stylish bedroom with twin beds as well. The beds are placed side by side in this case, facing a multifunctional desk/ dresser unit a view of the garden unfolds to their left.

You can even a pair of twin beds in a small attic space. We’ve seen this not in a private home but in a rustic hotel from Adelboden, Switzerland. The design was done by Peter Silling & Associates and is a beautiful mixture of rustic simplicity and modern luxury.

The design that Reyes Ríos + Larraín Arquitectos came up with for this home in Yucatan, Mexico manages to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor in the most wonderful way. It doesn’t have huge windows and sliding glass doors and is in fact pretty closed off. It becomes one with the landscape by welcoming its colors and textures inside. Take this bedroom for example. Apart from the twin beds there’s not much in here yet it all feels very cozy and welcoming.

As you can see, this bedroom is very small. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look cluttered and tiny at all despite the fact that the twin beds cover up much of the floor space. the clerestory windows have a lot to do with that, not to mention that the workspace is neatly tucked into a nook that extends beyond the wall. This clever design solution is the work of Lake|Flato Architects.

We love beach-style decors. They’re very breezy and calming and there are many different ways to make them look stunning. Take this bedroom for example. Its twin beds have matching bedding in white and a nice turquoise nuance which almost perfectly matches the walls, establishing coherence and symmetry.

Matching bedding sets also make this bedroom look extra cozy and welcoming. In addition, the stripes and bold colors turn the beds into focal points of the room, allowing the rest of the decor to remain simple and neutral.

Here’s yet another example where twin beds give a bedroom lots of character. These have upholstered headboards that bring color to the room while the walls are painted in a cool shade of gray with just a hint of purple.

Isn’t it perfect how the beds fit in this attic? They perfectly frame the small square window and turn that section of the room into a cozy sleeping nook. Built-in storage shelves complete the perfect design.

Boys will be boys and they’ll find a way to mess with each other with every chance they get which is why keeping them separate by putting their beds head to head is probably a good idea. As it turns out, this can also help you save some space in the room. The beds can share a single headboard which can also double as a storage module.

Both beds get to enjoy the natural light and the view by being positioned end to end in front of the two windows. They both have built-in storage as well which compensates for the amount of floor space that they occupy.

We find it easier to put together a design plan for a room once we’ve chosen a theme. Let’s say you’re decorating a bedroom for two boys. Twin beds should work well and you can use them to make the room look symmetrical. How about a beach-themed decor with a palette of white, red and blue and some specific wall decorations?

A theme doesn’t necessarily have to be anything very specific. For example, you can choose to make a cool bedroom look elegant and masculine and you do that by using colors such as dark blue, brown or gray and combinations of these nuances.

There’s a hint of tropical freshness in the design of this bedroom. It’s expressed in a color palette centered around shades of green and blue and a variety of patterns. There’s a skateboard displayed above each of the beds and that customizes the decor without overwhelming it with a bunch of ornamental details.

Decorating with kids in mind is not easy. A room has to be practical, with sturdy and functional furniture and at the same time has to look fun and friendly. This bedroom seems to have it all: twin beds with patterned bedding, a chic area rug, matching desks with colored accent chairs and even a great view.

As small as a twin beds are, sometimes even that is too much in which case you can save space by staking them. This is one example of such a design approach. The stairs that offer access to the bed at the top have storage drawers built into them which helps save even more space.

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