Stay awhile and learn how to make this simple wire key holder diy! I love home decor that has a sweet saying on it, just like this wire key holder to remind me to stay awhile. It’s the perfect place to hang up your keys once you walk through your door. This project would also make an amazing house warming gift for a friend!

Wire is so pliable it makes creating this wire key holder a synch! If you’re inspired you could make a few different wire signs with different sayings. You could also use this to hold jewelry or little trinkets – the possibilities are endless!

Keep reading below to find out how to make this stay awhile wire key holder.


  • Pliable wire
  • Pliers/wire cutter
  • Stencil


I started by making a stencil of what I wanted my sign to say. You can either draw this by hand, or write something on your computer and print it out. Make sure to use a cursive font as all the letters have to be connected.

Taking one end of your wire, begin to fold and loop it to form your letters. This is kind of like writing in cursive with wire, just go slowly and use pliers as needed. My wire was sort of thick so I couldn’t make sharp turns. For the “space” between the words I just left a long straight piece of wire and then went right into the a.

Once you are done forming your letters, cut the end of the wire with your pliers/wire cutter. To make little hooks to hold keys on your key holder, cut off a piece of wire about 3 inches long. Fold this in half and then bend the top part over slightly. Curl the two edges into itself.

You can now attach the key holder part anywhere to the words.

Hang up your key holder, making sure the weight is even so when you put keys on it it won’t fall to one side. I’d suggest hanging it by the S and the E.

Another day, another simple home DIY! Grab your keys and hang them up and stay a little while! Let us know in the comments below what saying you would make out of wire!

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