wood bedframe with linen blankets on it brass lamps on wall

Things have been a little crazy in our world lately. It’s been hard to stay focused on projects and work with everything going on, not to mention now having the boys home from school. It all feels a bit overwhelming and uncertain, but as we mentioned over the weekend on Instagram, we’re doing our best to not give in to fear and keep our focus on God and that He is still good and in control. We hope you all are healthy, safe and finding peace.

I’m so excited to finallyyy be sharing our simple, modern bedroom with you guys! I’m even more excited to finally have a real bed again and not be sleeping on a mattress on the floor after spending the last couple years doing that! 💃🏻 After years of basically never doing anything to our bedroom, it feels so good to finally have this cozy space to retreat to. Even though I had every intention of working on our room when we moved into this space a couple years ago, other projects just kept bumping that down on the list. I also felt like my priority for re-doing spaces should be the shared family spaces and the kids rooms, rather than working on something for myself. Something I think a lot of other moms struggle with! But after feeling stuck while working on the boys room, I felt like I needed to move on to a new project for a bit and I had lots of ideas for this space. I wanted our bedroom to be simple, a little bit modern, a little bit old farmhouse (as that’s what our house is), and of course full of lots of DIYs!

A couple years ago, Mike and I moved our bedroom from downstairs to upstairs. It came with a couple downsides, a smaller room and no master bath anymore (I do have a pretty nice one to use though!). But I have loved being up there sooo much, even with those trade-offs. Our bedroom before felt more like a catch-all when it was downstairs – it was also my office, used for photoshoots all the time, and felt like everyone was in & out constantly since it was right off the living room. Being upstairs feels like I have a real, private bedroom again. And now that we’ve finally taken the time to work on it, this simple modern bedroom is my favorite room to be in!!

There’s still a few things I need to do to finish up the space – I really want a large rug in here, but I’m always so hesitant to order one, as I know colors can often look very different on screens than they do in real life. Plus they’re expensive, and I really have to convince myself when I’m buying something like that. I also need to find a new ceiling light, I kind of got distracted with everything that’s been going on in our world and haven’t looked for one yet. And then there’s always the little things, paint touch ups, replacing a door knob, the one corner is still unfinished with just a couple things in it that I didn’t know where else to put – haa! (A room is never quite finished, is it?! 😉). But I’m loving this space so much, even if it’s not completely done!

modern bed with rust blanket and brass lamp on shiplap wall
shiplap wall with brass lamp on it next to modern wood bed
bedroom with wood dresser and basket
antique wood dresser in bedroom
modern bedroom with rust colored pillow on bed brass lamp on wall
simple modern bedroom with gray painted floor and wood bed and dresser
white dress next to basket and dried seagrass
simple white bedroom with rocking chair and black floor lamp
simple bedroom with linen blankets brass lamps

Sources are listed below and we’ll be sharing the DIYs from this space in the upcoming weeks, so keep a lookout for those!

Sources: Bed – DIY coming soon | Duvet Cover – c/o Magic Linen | Waffle Blanket – c/o Magic Linen | Lumbar Pillow Cover – c/o Magic Linen | Striped Sheet Set – c/o Magic Linen | White Pillows – Target | Nightstand – DIY coming soon | Wood Stool Nightstand – DIY coming soon | Brass Lamps – Lamps Plus | Black Floor Lamp – Target | Chunky Knit Blanket – c/o Creating Comfort Lab | White Minimal Planter – Convivial Production | Tall Ceramic Vase – Michaels | Wood Essential Oil Tray – our Etsy Shop | Wood Clock – Amazon | Rug – Marshalls find | Sheepskin Rug – Article | Diffuser – Young Living


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