I think the muted green wall color in this Swedish apartment really brings the interior and decor to another level. The muted green goes so well with the hardwood flooring and I love the combination with the light colors of the main furniture. The white linen sofa in combination with the soft off white area rug* and the light beige linen curtains* set the stage for the smaller furniture in oak wood and black accent elements in the lighting and art prints.

The large fig plant in front of the window and the smaller plants spread throughout the space go so well with the muted green walls and the variety of green shades makes the look more interesting. The dining table on the other side of the living room has been placed on its own natural area rug*, which separates the dining and living area from each other visually. The light grey linen table cloth* matches perfectly with the light palette of the other textiles in the room and I like the single art print adding personality to this area. Opposite of the dining area, an arched mirror has been placed which reflects the room in such a nice way and I love the wooden bench standing in the area leading up to the hallway.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

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