Well organized closet really creates a well-organized life. Every morning, before you take a shower or eat your breakfast, you would probably spend a few minutes looking through your closet. The routine of choosing an outfit and  shoes might be an important part of your day. If your closet is a mess, your day would begins with chaos. That is why it is very worth to spend your time and money to reduce the clutter and organize your closet.

Organizing a closet might be a complicated thing to do for some people. And it might be very easy for the others. But what if you only have a small closet to take care to? With a lot of clothes and stuffs you have to put in together. But don’t worry because we’ve collected some tips and hack on how to organize a closet. Good luck with your small closet organization!

1. Recycle and double your space

Before you recycle that Coca Cola can, pull the tab off to use as a way to double the hanging space available on one hanger. Simply slide the tab down the hook of a hanger to its base, and then slip another hanger hook through the lower hole of the tab. And now you can store more clothing on a single closet rod. This also is a great way to pair outfits together.

Pop Tab Hack
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2. The surplus of shower curtain rings

Have you ever wonder that the surplus of your shower-curtain rings could be an amazing help to your closet? Clips shower-curtain rings to a hanger and then loops scarves through them, which saves space and keeps everything wrinkle-free. The same trick works for hats and belts.

The Queen of Everything Else: DIY: Scarf & Tank Top Hangers
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3. The other shelf for your footwear

If you’ve already doubled your closet space by installing two levels of hanging rods, you might not realize that there’s space for one more rod, but it is not at the ceiling. If you put a third tension rod right below your lowest rod, you can use pants hangers to corral your boots, store flip-flops with bent wire hangers and dangle purses or hats from S hooks.

we can reach we added a shoe rack with hangers
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4. The new room for your strappy party shoes

Instead of keeping your heels out of sight in shoe boxes, use crown molding along the back wall of your closet (or even on the inside of the door) in one or multiple rows to create shoe organizers. Just 30 inches of molding can hold four pairs of shoes.

Put your shoes on display with upcycled crown molding (via Living in a
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5. Do-it-yourself closet filing system

Install two towel rods lengthwise, one across the front and one along the back of the drawer; and then place several metal rods that slide perpendicular to the towel rods, joining them. The result? An at-home closet-filing system where you fold T-shirts on rods in drawers so you can see all your options at once.

filing-system/ T Shirt Filing, Tshirts, Closet, Drawers, T Shirts
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