This faux leaf basket is the perfect place to store extra blankets for fall. I love to be extra cozy during the fall time and always have blankets lying around, so this basket was a great solution to store them all. This leaf rimmed basket is not only functional but also festive for the fall time when all the leaves are changing colors. What would you store in your leaf basket? It’s super easy to make so you better start thinking of ideas! You can make a big basket to store larger household items or a miniature basket to sit on your desk to store small knick-knacks.I might have to make another small basket to match this big boy.

Keep reading to find out how to make this leaf basket!


Instructions on how to make this simple leaf basket:

Cut a small hole into the leaves using scissors. You can do this by folding the leaf in half and cutting a small slit in it.

Taking your wire, thread it through one of the leaves.

Bring the wire to the basket and thread the end through a hole in the basket.

Bring the wire back through to the outside of the basket and thread on another leaf.

Continue to weave the wire in and out of the basket adding leaves on as you go.

Once you meet up with the first leaf, bring the wire to the inside of the basket and cut off any excess using wire cutters. Fold the remaining wire into the basket so it won’t poke anyone.
I told you it was super easy to make! Now, what are you going to use yours for? Might I suggest some flannels or blankets, they look extra festive!

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