We have said it before but we feel it warrants being said again that the world of fashion is firmly tilted in the favor of women with most garments worn by men working on women too. In this article, we are going to be looking at singlet outfits or dresses that women can not only wear but also rock. Originally the singlet is a garment worn by men under their shirt and usually a singlet would also be without sleeves. This garment was also known as the wife beater in slang terms, but that is not we are going to be focusing on in this article. In fact, on women, the singlet would make the most of their arms and chest area making them look even more feminine to look at. Wearing a singlet underneath could be among the ultimate ways to wear a shirt with jeans without making it look too plain. The singlet by its definition would look as if it had normal straps from the front but at the back it would form a sort of uni-strap to which the straps in front would join.

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What this means is that your bra straps are likely to show from the back, so you need to choose bras with transparent straps or no straps at all when you wear a singlet top or dress. This point may not be applicable if you are going to keep your shoulders and back covered with a wrap, stole, shrug or jacket. We also feel that the singlet could go very well with bold women outfits with suspenders. Since we are anyway talking about outfits that will leave your shoulder in focus, you might as well go the whole hog and go with evergreen top knot hairstyles to showcase your neck area along with the chest and shoulders.

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Since we are on the topic of how men’s fashions seem to be available and accessible to women, we might as well look at singlet outfits that go beyond being used as they are – which is as tops or as a snug garment underneath an open shirt. Yes, we are looking and talking about the singlet pattern being used to make a long shift or even an evening gown. We are sure that the first time you hear about this, it may sound a bit off but when you sneak a peek at the images given here and thing a bit more about it, you will see that the concept has a lot of appeal.

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After all, the fabric used in singlets is soft knits, which are flattering to your silhouette not to mention clingy and comfortable. Then the lovely way the straps look a bit different from the normal sleeveless outfits can add to the appeal. You can always wear a singlet top or a dress with as much cleavage as you are comfortable with or do away with it completely. Not only can you wear this pattern for a casual evening out, the singlet dress would be very handy when you are planning to spend the day at the beach as it is easy to take off and wear when you need to.

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And we are sure that with a bit of variations in the kind of fabrics used and the patterns that you go for, the singlet dress can become you fall back dress when you feel the need to be comfortable but be attractively dressed. We can also see how earrings and long necklaces would be a big part of this kind of dressing.

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