No stranger to TDC, Copenhagen-based artist Silke Bonde pops up time and time again and for good reason. Immensely talented, Silke has a unique way of interpreting the beautiful world around us and for her latest watercolour collection, she was inspired by the sky. Intrigued by the sky’s revitalising effect and fascinated by the starlit sky on a cold winter’s night, Silke has created four stunning new art prints. 

“When I think of the sky I imagine an enormous canvas that every human being gazes at every day. The sky changes its colours and structure every minute, and it is able to change and influence our mood and circadian rhythm. We are able to control much in life, but the sky is unchangeable, which is exactly why this phenomenon in my opinion is so fantastic.” -Silke Bonde

Styling by Silke Bonde / Photos by Ida Emilie Risager

The beautiful new collection is available to purchase here.  

Images courtesy of Silke Bonde