Short hairstyles for girls

In our time many parents are wondering how to choose a hairstyle for girls? Here in the first place should be based on the age of the child.

Hairstyle for girls from three to five years should be neat, simple and concise. All these requirements are met short hairstyles for girls 2019. For babies of this age will perfectly fit any variations on the theme of the caret.

It can be as classic caret, and the caret on the leg or haircut CESSON. These short hairstyles for girls 2019 is very easy to care for and lead children’s hair simple combing. By the way, if the baby at this age the hair will become thicker, it is possible to think about them growing.

If the child has wavy hair, it will look good dierent haircuts that can be done even on short hair. Short hairstyles for girls 2019, with thick shoulder-length hair, offer a cascade haircut can emphasize the natural strength and beauty of the girl’s hair.

To give the short hair a modern and fashionable look is possible with the help of bangs. Short hairstyles for girls with bangs 2019, made in the form of «horseshoes» or «the area» look very stylish. No less popular in the next year are the hairstyles with very short and straight form of bangs.

Короткие прически для девочек

By the way, in recent years short hairstyles for girls 10-12 years old are becoming more and more popular. Not uncommon for teenage girls, yesterday wore long braids, choose the stylish and modern short haircuts, trying to change their appearance.

Girls 13-15 years of age more often choose short hairstyles on the base of haircuts Bob or Garcon. Of course, caring for these hairstyles is quite complicated, but it will teach teenage girls to monitor their appearance. In addition, at this age, undesirable experiments with coloring, highlighting, dreadlocks, and drastic discoloration, in order to avoid damage to the scalp and damage hair.

Short hairstyles for girls 2019 implies the use of various hair ornaments, such as elastic bands, small crabs, hair clips, Bobby pins with rhinestones, headbands and bright ribbons.

Remember that well-chosen hairstyle can not only lift the mood of even the young girls, but also to give confidence. And teenagers shouldn’t forget about the sense of proportion, after all, the natural beauty and sense of style certainly will emphasize your personality and best features.