Outside the window is rapidly getting warmer, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe and fashionable haircut. Let us discuss trendy short haircuts new season and also take a look at the most popular haircuts of celebrities.

Choosing trendy short hairstyle it is important to focus not only on your face shape but even on the color of the skin and hair. After all, the harmony of the fashionable hair style always depends on how well «assembled» in the whole thing.

You can talk about what for round face shapes fit certain styles of haircut, and oval are completely different. However, in reality there is no standard, there is no exact template on which you can select a trendy hairstyle and be sure that it will look a Bang. Everything about trendy haircuts, we should take into account that they are always selected individually.

Короткие стрижки сзади

In fact, even in the salon to create a fashion styling in accordance with client preference is very difficult. This is quite a laborious process that takes a lot of time and effort. But despite this, barbers continue to amaze us with new discoveries on the fashion catwalk at last there was a universal hairstyle, which perfectly fit most women. What is the secret? In the creative approach — recognized by many stylists.

Thanks to layered Haircuts and variations with a displaced center, to create the hairstyle has become easier and more enjoyable. It is easier to form a cut-type of the person adding or, on the contrary, removing the hair line of the face.

What haircuts are most popular?

Короткие стрижки сзади

Today the huge popularity of the Bob haircut that can be simulated in various ways. We are talking about the asymmetry, as well as free strands, which this year become the main weapon in the fight for the originality of the hairstyle. Citing examples from the world of Hollywood celebrities, I would like to mention that the stars are often seen with ultra-short Bob haircut in a classic performance, which may imply a touch of asymmetry, and slanting side bangs. The actual mixed options of hairstyles, for example, Bob-Bob, top Bob, Bob with a displaced center, etc.

Короткие стрижки сзади

By the way, about the latest haircuts, Bob with a displaced center looks very stylish paired with long side bangs. This hairstyle not only allows you to adjust the shape of the face, but also is a kind of epitome of style Victoria Beckham.

Haircut with elongated front strands, and a high neck line still at the top of popularity. Haircut caret – another version of a short haircut, which today enjoys overwhelming popularity. As Bob hairstyle, Kara may have a high line neck, and elongated strands. In fashion the classic Bob in the style of «Cleopatra», which involves long bangs and a straight line cut.

Короткие стрижки сзади

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with Swan neck and round face shape. Classic straight caret visually lengthens the face, this visual illusion is great for girls with a round face shape, as it allows you to fully adjust the proportions. Haircut cascade on short hair looks very stylish. Paired with asymmetrical touches of hair gets loose notes. And if you believe the stylists this year on top that is loose and even sloppy hairstyles with volume effect!
If you are looking for unusual and original cut, please note on the model page. This hairstyle fits perfectly into the casual look. It shapes the style of the present French, which knows how to be special and stand out from the crowd. Hairstyle pageboy hairstyle and Garcon have their own flavor, they create an unusual image that immediately attracts the attention of others. Another novelty of this season – haircuts-style punk rock.

Короткие стрижки сзади

You probably noticed how on the fashion catwalk increasingly appearing girls with extravagant hairstyles in high rebellious style. Of course, this way is suitable not for everyone, but some girls will definitely have to taste. Also relevant hairstyles with shaved temples, which form the radical style and show a bright personality.

Короткие стрижки сзади

Haircuts and hair coloring

It is impossible to imagine the original cut with dull hair color. That is why the experts in style offer many options of hair coloring, including caring cosmetics. Today, in order to «refresh» your natural hair color it is not necessary to resort to radical methods of hair coloring. It is sufficient to carry out the procedure of bioluminescene or coating the hair. Many salons offer a list of SPA procedures.

Короткие стрижки сзади

Short haircuts can be very diverse, it is important to choose the right model, that the image formed in harmony!


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