SHAUN TAKES PAiSLEY to Daddy Daughter Dance | Behind the Braids Ep.58

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In this vlog, Paisley goes on multiple adventures! You’ll see Paisley get ready for gymnastics and go to her second official daddy-daughter dance. Brooklyn and Bailey also head to A&M University to explore the campus, and Kamri finally gets her YouTube Play Button!

You’ll also get to follow me around and see a little bit of my morning routine. This particular morning, I was finishing up some laundry and helping Paisley get ready for gymnastics with the help of Alexa. The traffic sequence she gave me was shortened.

At our elementary school, the dads get to spend an extra special date night with their daughters. This was Shaun and Paisley’s second daddy-daughter dance, so they packed it with tons of fun! Paisley got all dressed up in her fancy dress and Shaun bought her a corsage to wear. This year, Paisley wanted to go on a double daddy-daughter date with one of Paisley’s friends!

Their first stop was dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant. Then they took off to the dance! At the dance, Shaun spent a lot of time dancing to the music with his little girl. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was a baby? After a lot of fun at the dance, they went to get frozen yogurt! It was a fun night!

Lastly, Brooklyn and Bailey explore A&M University and hang out with their friends. They had a good trip and learned a lot about the school. Maybe they’ll end up going there next year for college!

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