Sharing Joy Under a Sicilian Moon

Staying at a farmhouse B&B (an “agriturismo”) is a great way to get to know a farm family in Italy — with the added bonus of farm-fresh cuisine. Midway through dinner here at Azienda Agricola Mandranova, I was inspired to step away from the dining room and into the nighttime wonder of an olive and almond grove under a bright moon. Join me as I marvel at the happiness being savored right now all over the world, just as it is in this little moment at a remote farm in Sicily.

Sure, my crew and I are richly blessed to have work like this. But you don’t need to be wealthy to be joyful. You just need stability, good governance, and peace. That’s something we can all strive for. Joy is the norm in our world — and it’s a reasonable goal for all.

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