Time for something a little different. Unique architecture leads to unique experiences, and whilst material possessions come and go, it’s the special moments in life that we recall most fondly. This inspiring collection of six incredible feats of architectural design, visualised by Thilina Liyanage, stand like huge pieces of art in the landscape that one can enter, inhabit, and fall in love with. Come travelling with us to experience an extraordinary beach bar that swims through the sands, a majestic safari observation deck inspired by the animals, a striking cabana, a sensational hotel with a futuristic feel, a peaceful set of coastal villas and a magical lakeside eco lodge.

Swimming into the number one spot in this gallery of unique architecture and unforgettable experiences is an enchanting giant fish shaped beach bar.

Its enormous form weaves through the palm trees and shrubs in the sand, as though they were mere seaweed; the expanse of blue sky becomes the tropical waters. A scale-like pattern covers the body, fins and tail of the orange tinted fish shaped structure.

The great mouth of the fish yawns wide to reveal the inner floor of the beach bar, brightly lit with a cluster of pendant lights. An outdoor deck raises the tail of the fish high above the pale sands, where it becomes a blissful canopy of shade during hot days.

A wooden staircase leads up to the outer deck, where patrons gain entry through the shaded lounge. A second wooden staircase bridges the gap between the outdoor lounge area and the more concealed bar that’s located within the body of the fish.

The service area stretches along one side of the fish body, whilst bar stools pull up next to a viewing deck that gazes right out the mouth of the beast.

By day, the fish scale pattern is electrified by the bright glare of blazing sunshine. The structure becomes light and luminous, and takes on an added dimension of realism.

Holiday cocktails, jovial conversation and good times flow.

If an admiration for animals draws a person to safari, then they would surely fall in love with this majestic safari observation deck that is inspired by the elephant.

Towering high with its trunk raised up proudly above the treetops, this is a place that declares the wild adventure has truly begun.

Great tusks scoop down toward the dirt track road, landing a dramatic greeting for the safari trucks.

The spectacular structure is a gigantic work of art, an ode to the animals that roam around it. Two piercing eyes watch out over the untamed landscape.

A staircase climbs into the mouth of the elephant head to access a large viewing deck at the back of the “skull”.

The woven appearance of the structure resembles bone, as though this head were some recovered relic from King Kong’s Skull Island.

Many have walked the shore and gathered up sea shells, and sometimes we even find there is something still living inside. In a fun twist, this creative beach cabana builds the possibility to be a little thing inside a sandy shell…

Inspired by the curvaceous lines of a conch shell, the cabana features an undulating roof line over a rounded base volume.

The structure stretches out longingly toward the sea, as if yearning for home.

Staying with the shell theme for seaside structures, this shell shaped hotel makes a sleek contrasting statement amongst the green brush.

At this size, the shell-like outline takes on an alien appearance. Roof perforations and curious lighting effects exaggerate the extraterrestrial look.

It would be easy to translate this piece as a conceptual design for a space colony, or as a technology rich settlement for a futuristic society.

These may look like a fleet of sailboats but they are actually a set of unique holiday villas. Small cabins perch upon large outdoor decks that jut out over calm waters.

Scenes of serenity rejuvenate the holiday makers…

… Nothing but passing clouds in the sky, the gentle lap of water and the rustling of wind through the trees.

Warm interior light sets the cabin aglow, like a lantern on the lake.

Comfortable chairs, a coffee table table and a cosy rug make up a stylish outdoor lounge space on the deck. Candles burn soft ambience in lanterns, whilst recessed LEDs safely mark the edge of the terrace.

Fully surrounded by water, the villas gain access to dry land via a dinghy moored to the side of the deck.

Throw away the cell phones, forget the world, embrace the romance.

Our journey ends at a magical rose bud inspired eco lodge, which blooms in amongst the trees around the edge of a large lake. The inspiring eco lodge encourages a bond with nature by honouring the beauty of its intricate form.

The softly petalled pods portray a dainty fairy village, perceptually miniaturising its guests to the size of Thumbelina. Swept away from the trials, tribulations and outer influences of the real world, rose bud lodge guests can while away their hours as carefree flower folk.

Outdoor lights ignite a rosy hue over the flower bud lodge, and draw out the detail of their superb swept frame.

Circular terraces fan out from each lodge to create a stepped outdoor living space for lounging, eating and relaxing over various terrain and panorama.

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