I have found this old photo album while clearing my hub’s gran’s house. Although with no appealing façade I couldn’t just get rid of it. It was in mint condition and only the first two pages showed slits cut for picture insertion but it was empty and I doubt his gran kept pictures inside.  Normally I kept it for one of  my “whatever I might dream of” projects.  
This is what it looked like.
Not very impressive, eh?
What I did is cut that ribbon that held everything together and using an old linen piece I kind of upholstered it.
Next, using lace (that his gran had on all her linen as border – I was the lucky recipient of it!) I made a sleeve for it, but did not sew it all around. Instead I sewed snap fasteners so that when it gets dirty, I could take it out and easily wash it away.
On the sleeve I sewed a flounce topped with lace and ribbon and added sateen rosettes. To prevent it to be to kitschy – kitschy I just added a card, although skeleton keys, pearl buttons and tulle pom-poms were all part of the game.
I am going to put mostly pictures of our (great)grandparents inside. With that said, this is going to be one treasured photo album.