For a creative and tech savvy couple looking for a home in the City, high on their list was the wish to have a spacious in-home studio where they could engage in a variety of digital and analog works. When they spotted this four-story house in Bernal Heights, they saw the potential in the barely finished basement. But the access to this level was so tortuous that they rarely went down there during the first year after they moved in.

So, when building Lab’s designers suggested flipping all the stairs to the opposite direction to improve the flow, our clients jumped at the chance of radically transforming the building. The result is an open interior with distinct and yet connected spaces spreading through all four floors. Tailor made for a young professional couple’s lifestyle, the house serves multiple functions as dwelling, work stations, artist studio, as well as entertaining venue. Elegant sets of stairs become the star feature that seems to enable the burring of the boundaries between work, play, and relaxation.

Front entry
Floating stairs up to bedroom floor
Dining room with a view
Living room


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