Last year, Catherine of Catherine Daze’s Blog started a Wearability series where she has been looking at some of her older garments and assessing how well they did as actual wardrobe garments after she made them (you can see her assessment of summer dresses, sleeveless black dresses, and “epic fails“). Peter of Male Pattern Boldness has also been doing a series where he looks at the contents of his wardrobe and assess how much he uses them (so far coats and pants). I’ve really been enjoying both of these series because it gives a more realistic view of how well sewn garments (and in Peter’s case purchased garments as well) have worked over time. I think that so often we post about a garment we’ve just made, but our opinion of it is often either far too exuberant because “oooh yay, new shiny thing!” or far too negative because “evil thing was evil during construction and I hate it because it was evil and look at this one really annoying spot where I messed up because this whole project sucked and was totally evil!”

I’m sure you can relate.

Anyway, I think Catherine’s blog series is really great because it gives the perspective that comes over time to really consider how sewn garments have faired in a wardrobe and if they really lived up to their potential. It’s also been really interesting what sort of self-analysis can be done from this sort of self-exploration (what sorts of fabrics get worn, what sorts of patterns work well, what sort of styles and color combinations get worn a lot and also what doesn’t…).

On top of that, last year’s big “blog project” for me was to go back and fixed a lot of broken photos and links in my older blog posts. Back in ye olde day when the blog was titled Sew Skate Read and I was a poor grad student trying to fit all of my photos on the blog for free I went down the Tiny Pic route to host my photos because (like many of us back in the early days of internet blogging) I was grabbing free storage wherever I could find it. Anyway, Tiny Pic has since bit the dust, so I had about 3 years worth of blog images I needed to replace. It took a while, but aside from 2 posts where I can’t find any of the missing pictures on my hard drives, I’ve finished. It gave me an interesting opportunity to look at a lot of my sewing from the early days. So between looking back at my older posts, along with the inspiration from Catherine’s blog, I’ve decided it might be fun to write my own “Sew, Wear Are They Now?” series to look back and see what has happened to all of my sewn garments, which ones I still wear, which ones have bit the dust, what I have learned along my sewing journey, and to see what sort of sewing things I might want to focus on moving forward. I think I might scatter this series over the next few months (maybe over the rest of the year depending on how long these posts take to write), but I think it will be fun to categorically look back at what I’ve sewn on the blog over the past decade. I hope you will be excited to look back with me!