The weather this week is truly not easy to predict, the rain and sun swapping their appearance every half an hour…
School holiday is nearly finished and Ela requested a every year classic day out to London’s Natural History Museum.
And she loved it once again.
After four hours of exploring it was time to head busy underground, but we decided to have a look at 
one more exhibition on the way –
 Sensational butterflies.
Museum’s tropical butterfly house returns for an eighth year on the east lawn.
It was time to explore the real living creatures for a change this year 🙂
I had always a thing for butterflies so this was a treat for both of us.
We came face to face with many spectacular tropical butterflies, flying around us and showing off to camera.
I took some photos I would like to share with you today.

Here my ever favourite the Blue Morpho

Seeing cocoons was a hit too!

 This one is size of a human head!

They’re happy to land on people…

 So Ela tried her best to attract  them, without result…yep, even with that dress 🙂

 I spotted some flowers I never seen before.

Nature is amazing 🙂

 Owl butterflies 🙂

 Here sucking on some tropical fruits 🙂

So many different patterns…

This one it’s just mind blowing, spotted by Ela 🙂
Or is it a dry leaf?

The butterfly house is not big but exciting enough for nature, colours and photography lovers or simply parents with children 😉

Finishing with a little video.