Scrapbook Sunday-April Messy Box. See how well this month's scrapbook kit mixes and matches with itself!This month’s Messy Box kit is one of my favorites from this year thanks to it’s fun color story and Parisian vibes! I had a few photos from the last few weeks that were perfect for these cards and papers. It had two sets of stickers and a ton of cards so it was really easy to use the kit almost exclusively for these two pages. I even have plenty of phrase stickers and black alpha leftover to use in a few more layouts. Give me all the pink and red!

3%22 x 3%22I wanted to find a few ways to alter the design of some my papers in this month’s kit to see if I could make my layout look a little more complete. I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist when it comes to scrapbooking and art journaling so it is REALLY hard for me to just slap some cute cards and photos in and call it a day. If I was under a deadline and I just needed to get it done, maybe, but usually I like to add another layer or two of something interesting.

Positive Vibes CardsThe first way I did that was by taking two of the cards with solid backgrounds and cutting out a shape to cover the text. Then I just drew lines over the edges so that it left a clean negative image. I love how this adds just a little more pattern to these cards. Just be sure you have a steady hand before you get to work if you are really attached to your card!

Close Up 3%22 x 3%22 pageScrapbook Sunday-Messy Box AprilTaylor's PageA second way was just layering up a few papers and adding in alpha stickers where I usually don’t. I cut one of the weekend trip 4″ x 6″ cards in half so that the word ‘trip’ was still readable and then added ‘road’ alpha stickers above it. I then decided to cut into one of the smaller cards and added the fun ‘YES’ text to the bottom of that same card along with another alpha word on top. With a strip of washi tape down the side, it has a totally different look. Just pretend correct punctuation when scrapbooking isn’t always important, okay? Sometimes a girl doesn’t have any question marks on her alpha sheet!

Close upTaylor's This month’s kit is super fun and really versatile. Perfect for documenting spring break, a weekend road trip, or just plans for road trips that you made over burgers when your friends came back to town! Nashville or bust! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.