May is more than halfway over and my head is spinning — what happened to the time! My kiddos have just over ONE week of school left, so it’s high time that we shared our last day of school signs to match our first day of school signs that we shared in the fall.

Custom Fillable Printable Last Day Of School Sign Set Of 5 Designs #remodelaholic

These signs make for easy milestone photos and the perfect Instagram-worthy before-and-after swipe to see how those kids grow over the school year! We are literally jumping for joy that summer is nearly here.

Last Day Of School Photo Ideas, Free Printable Signs Set Of 5 Designs #remodelaholic

As promised, we have the last day of school signs to match the first day of school sign set, starting with our newest custom fillable infographic design

Last Day of School Sign #1: Fillable Infographic

Printable Custom Fillable Last Day Of School Sign For Kids Photos #remodelaholic

The infographic poster is available in 5 different colors, too! Choose from blue (above), gray, purple, red or yellow (below).

Free Printable Infographic Last Day Of School Sign, Custom Fillable With Your Child's Info #remodelaholic

(PS: if you love the infographic style, be sure to check out these extra-large printable birthday posters we shared, too)

After downloading the file below, simply fill in the form fields to fit each child and print! There is a place for your kiddo’s name, grade, age, what they want to be when they grow up, their school name and the date of their last day of school.

**Reminder** As with all of our customizable printables, you must make sure you are opening the file from your computer’s documents and not inside your web browser to make sure the fonts all work correctly. First download the file(s) from the email and pay attention to where it is saved (usually in the “downloads” folder on your computer), the find the file on your computer and open it – make sure you’re not opening it from your browser’s download bar!

The styles we’ve shared over the last few years got an update for the end of the 2017-2018 school year as well:

Last Day of School Sign #2: Bunting

Printable Last Day Of School Sign #remodelaholic

Last Day of School Sign #3: Chalkboard

Free Printable Chalkboard Style Last Day Of School Sign For Photos #remodelaholic

Last Day of School Sign #4: Ribbon

Printable Ribbon Style Last Day Of School Sign For Kids Photos #remodelaholic

Click here to get this printable LAST day of school sign set — all 4 designs

And don’t forget to the fan-favorite classic school sign that Michelle from Elegance and Enchantment updates each year as a special for our very own Remodelaholics — download that printable here.

Free Printable First And Last Day Of School Signs @Remodelaholic

We know that by the time the end of the school year rolls around, parents are dog-tired and ready for a break from the grind, so hopefully these school signs make for a quick and easy last day of school tradition! Do you do anything fun for the last day of school? I’ve seen so many fun ideas for parties and water fights but we usually start the summer like we continue it: free-for-all unstructured time with friends! I’d love to hear what you do for the last day of school and what fun plans you have for summer.

Be sure to pin this and share it with your friends who are crawling across the school finish line, too!

Custom Fillable Printable Last Day Of School Sign Set Of 5 Designs #remodelaholic

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