The original house was designed by FJ McCarthy for a corner lot near the top of Potrero Hill overlooking downtown San Francisco. The modernist home was designed to capture light from all floors with plenty of windows. The West side had wooden crank louvers to block the harsh afternoon sun. The restoration and addition utilized the Secretary of State Standards to carefully and respectfully double the square footage and add 2 bedrooms to the original 2 bedroom home. With a nod to the old and a wink to the new, what resulted was a very carefully crafted 3 story home with access from every room to the outdoors and with light washing every space thanks to the strategic intervensions. Inside Outside in the city.

The front of the house restored and adapted
Dining to Kitchen.  Wooden Louvers from inside.
The stair up and down next to the 3 story book shelf
The back from the edge of the deck.
The evening view of the glass louvered studio below with the roof deck.


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