Open living area

Jonas Lindvall designed Villa N1 as an adaptation of the wooden barns and horizontal planks that typify architecture in this part of Swedish coast.  The design matches these historical touches with an updated, contemporary style.

One side of the summer home is open to the Swedish air, extending out into a series of outdoor patios.  This creates a blend of indoor and outdoor spaces within the main living area for easy movement between grabbing a beverage in the kitchen and lounging outside.

Indoor space

The layout involves five inter-connected pavilion structures with pitched roofs similar to a Swedish barn.  At the center, its open, modern living space splits the house with the master suite on one side and the children’s bedrooms on the other.

Light, clean lines run throughout the interior.  For example, the kitchen and bathroom have simple, forms that are crafted using quality materials.  The kitchen counter tops are a beautiful marble.  Lindvall also used a light stone throughout the bathroom. [Photography and information courtesy of Jonas Lindvall and Designbloom]



Barn style

Side view


Clean lines


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